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I don’t quite understand. Could you elaborate? What would you suggest instead?

I just realized that probably the entire MIT Open Courseware Content is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Doesn’t that mean that one could then reupload a lot of content to some peertube instance and thus publish a lot of excellent content there? (Provided one complies with the Non-Commercial, Attribution and Share …

vegetarian here - my favorite vegan milk is a mix of almond and oat milk. It is less sweet than pure oatmilk and has almond flavour

From what I could gather on this movement, the article is an accurate summary and an interesting discussion. Let me know if you see a better community for this…

Amazing article. I really liked the part about programs being transmitted by a DJ over radio

The application of identifying ‘criminals’ however that is defined based on Photo ID is troubling. Also I don’t see what this has to do with ‘understanding human emotions’.

I’m getting a ‘Failed to load “unity-gtk-module”’ message among other things… I’m a bit too lazy to file a bug report atm since I have never even used foliate yet. I’ll try to install it on Manjaro

I hope the internet archive is prepared to fight this…

Looks nice. Flatpak version doesn’t work for me tho (on Ubuntu 16.04)

Looks nice. What are some use cases for private users?

How can this be so expensive? Is this only the cost for renting one or several servers?

I agree. The new rent control law is pretty cool and I hope it prevails against the court cases that are currently fought by greedy home owners. However, I feel the issue of homelessness is only tackled implicitly by this. It is never treated like the scandal that it really is… There was a ‘homelessness census’ at the beginning of the year and around 2000 homeless people were counted in one night, 800 of which were apparently sleeping on the street: https://www.berlin.de/nacht-der-solidaritaet/ergebnisse/ This is far too many but at the same time during the lockdown they could be easily housed in empty hotels I imagine.

I’m not sure what you are referring to. (1) I think in Germany the state can expropriate legal persons in general provided the state compensates the owners. This is not specific to Berlin (2) There is a large social movement, especially in Berlin, for expropriating big real estate corporations like ‘Deutsche Wohnen’ but this is not law yet. (3) The Berlin City Government has passed a law for stopping rent hikes (‘Mietpreisbremse’, literal translation: rent brake) which freezes rents in its first stage (now) and also makes certain over average rents illegal in a second stage (planned in six months or so). I wrote this from memory - so I might be wrong in some details. Let me know if you want me to back up some point with links :)

Homelessness in Germany - especially in Berlin it’s a huge issue