‘Collapsologie’: Constructing an Idea of How Things Fall Apart | by Harrison Stetler
Heat waves, droughts, and other forms of extreme weather will increase in frequency and severity. Agriculture will become less reliable and suffer declining yields. Rising sea-levels will mean the submersion of many coastal regions. Most discussions of the environmental crisis stop there, however. We then go on to demand an end to fossil-fuel extraction and the redoubling of efforts to convert our economies to renewable forms of energy. The collapsologues go further. The flippancy with which they declare that a future of economic meltdown and societal failure is just around the corner can be quite chilling: “By 2035, the French Republic, the European Union, will not exist.”

From what I could gather on this movement, the article is an accurate summary and an interesting discussion. Let me know if you see a better community for this.

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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