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Protect Lemmy against DDOS
Hi, I wonder what are suitable methods to protect a Lemmy instance against DDOS attacks. For example, can we use Cloudflare? Or it could break the federation? Any ideas/suggestions?

Liquid gas supplied by USA need lots of vessels to transport but, worse, lots of gas process plants on the Europe docks. And only Spain has a significant number of them. I don’t know, and it could be interesting, how much liquid gas can be processed right now. Or even how much gas can be moved with the existent vessels. Updated data could be appreciated :-p

The blocks (west/east) game is a silly game in the just started scarcity era. The probable end will be a nuclear war.

I read somewhere that USA government are worry because if oil prices grown up (see last JP Morgan report: expected prices are near $200, if I’m not wrong).

So: if Russia sell oil with discount to China/India, but the price has increased 40% it’s possible Russia doesn’t be hurt. But, in the other side, western economies should buy oil 40% expensive ;-)

The same for gas, cereals, platinum and lot of commodities.

The difference between Italian and Russian economy is obvious: the second is rich on resources and could be more independent/autarkic than first. Even more, public debt of Russian is between 20-30% and Italian I think should be between 120-140%.

USA has several strong points, because is another big country with lots of resources (specially gas, petrol…). But what about European allies?? They are weak and will suffer a lot… I guess they will suffer more than Russia.

But for Capitalism there is a common “nuclear button”, the debt burble. If this economic crisis make it explode: bye bye the happy years ;-)

RT is useful today to get rid of western misinformation. For example, in Catalonia today misinformation (western aligned) media talk about a Russian attack to a Ukrainian nuclear plant. It would be a stupid action, obviously, but our media spread this stupid info.

Instead, RT, first talk just about an explosion and, finally, when facts were clear, from a combat between a Ukrainian sabotage unit and the Russian patrol who has taking care for the security of the Central since Ukrainian army left it.

But, OK, you prefer just have one “information” source?? lol

That’s a simple relate.

Ukraine has right to self-determination, but Donbass not.

Russia has not the right to make a war, but Ukraine has (against his own people, at Donbass), and USA has too(Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, etc.).

Ukraine can have NATO bases, but Cuba can not have soviet bases?

The Ukrainian war is unacceptable, but Yemen war is OK.

USA Empire has forced this war, using Ukraine as its sacrificial lamb.

Putin is not worse than Biden. And not better than him. Russia is not worse than the USA, and not better. Just power games where the common people loose, on both sides.

Believe in god vs bad speech is just believing in all this bull shit ;-) And going happy to wars where, at last, current people lose their children and their present.

About the evilness of Ukraine, just see this: https://collapse.cat/post/15730

You can think Ukraine as evil or angelical as Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Granada, Panama, Vietnam, Korea and a long etc.

And, last, why not Ukraine and yes to sixties Cuba?

Please, don’t look the World from a USA perspective ;-) For example, see it from a world perspective: https://collapse.cat/post/15603

Have you read the 2 long Putin speeches? Russia learned another historical lesson with Nazi Germany: if your enemy approach too much, you should defend when he is inside your land (remember 1940).

What NATO media doesn’t realize is that Russia was forced to start this war or, worse, this war start time ago, when NATO take profit of the internal Ukraine situation to destabilize the country and, then, to move it as a chess piece to hurt Russia. And finally USA has reached their goal…

But we’ll see if, at last, are not the whole planet lose this silly game… Silly because in a critic situation due to peak oil and climate change, fight for the resources in a nuclear world is a silly strategy when all the countries should build a new scenario of cooperation to manage the scarcity (lol)

It’s not time for “plans”, “promises”, etc. Five, ten and even twenty years ago they already plan/promise a lot of things. The result:


Please, better talk about facts and not just about wishful thinking “plans”

Just wondering if comments on the original post:


will be shown here…

Are you really saying “the good guys” (USA empire) are working to solve the climate crisis??? Are you joking?? They (we) are the responsible for the emission of the most part of the CO2, etc.! Even just allocating our suppliers to China or other 3rd countries…

Please, just check this graphic:


Or read some post in this Lemmy community:


Don’t confuse yourself what you wish and the reality. Data is clear, just check it ;-)

publicació creuada des de: https://collapse.cat/post/14946 > publicació creuada des de: https://collapse.cat/post/14945 > > > Cal activar els subtítols. > > You should activate subtitles if don't speak Russian ;-)

We are not talking about “all things Russia could do better”. Because people are not talking about, for example, all things USA could do better, like not support Yemen war, Syrian war, Libyan war, Somalian war, Israel civil genocides, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, etc.

We are talking about geopolitics. The real reasons. Not the moral reasons that people think (really??) their governments attend.

For Russia:

  1. Bad option: Ukraine invasion, USA Empire sanctions and punishment actions. Finally, Ukraine will be a demilitarized state “supervised” by Russia.

  2. Worse option: Ukraine become a NATO member, USA military bases and army there (do you remember about Russian base in Cuba, and the crazy risk of a nuclear war in the sixties? ), Donbass open war but from a NATO member…

Please, before talk about the Russian evilness, just think about similar actions of USA empire and how the free ( lol ) world has reacted to them ;-)

It’s not a good vs bad guys fight. It’s about geostrategic and world resources’ domination.

That is what USA has forcing, using Ukrainian people as the main losers / victims. Like many times before, the geopolitical game has used its sacrificial lamb, and like many times it has been the common people.

Russia has not started this game. It has been forced by the long term planned scenario where Russia has only a bad option or a worse option to choose.

publicació creuada des de: https://lemmy.ml/post/181757 > It is not immediately clear what the “special mode of combat duty” entails. Pavel Podvig, a Geneva-based analyst and head of the Russian Nuclear Forces project, said it was “hard to tell” what the order meant but that it may be a “preliminary command.” It “makes a retaliatory strike possible,” he told the Guardian. “But does not mean preparation for a first strike.”

The last paragraphs: "Once Blue Ocean Events persist for many months and the Arctic warms up considerably, the jet stream will lose its energy due to a lessening of the temperature difference between the Arctic region and the tropical region. At that point, storms that form in the mid-latitudes will be stuck in place or drift very slowly, having little or no jet stream steering currents to move them along. This will cause them to drop excessive rainfall on areas in which they occur, causing so much rain that crops cannot be sustained. In other places, long-lasting heat waves and droughts will occur since the lack of jet stream steering currents will keep rain-free heat domes in place. This would obviously be devastating for humans that rely upon steady sources of food and water since crops cannot grow during extended heat waves and droughts. Essentially, a catastrophic reoccurring Blue Ocean Event in the Arctic Ocean would end life as we know it. Human civilization has been built on the ability to grow crops reliably and get them to people who live away from farms for sustenance and survival. Civilization has also been built on reliable access to drinking water. If both are no longer available, due to the jet stream’s weakening and accelerated global warming, humans will have to rapidly adapt to survive. Many will likely die in this scenario, as large portions of crop-growing regions transition to semi-arid or fully arid (desert) climates. Starvation and a lack of access to drinking water will impact billions of humans, causing mass die-offs. Those that remain will have to quickly find ways to produce food and obtain drinking water in the warmer Blue Ocean Event climate."

No, de fet no estic tan posat en aquests temes :-p

El que sí que tinc és un col·lega que recopila pdf, etc. sobre agricultura, etc. una mica del rollo dels llibres sobre autosuficiència del Seymour de fa anys :-)

publicació creuada des de: https://lemmy.ml/post/168168

Climate Crisis Font
This font spells out collapse in no uncertain terms. > The font’s design is based on data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (https://nsidc.org) and predictions provided by the IPCC (https://www.ipcc.ch/srocc/). The heaviest font weight represents the minimum extent of the Arctic sea ice in the year 1979, when satellite measuring began. The lightest weight represents IPCC’s 2050 forecast, when the Arctic sea ice minimum is expected to have shrunk to only 30 % of the 1979 extent. publicació creuada des de: https://lemmy.ml/post/117910 > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/69424 >

/r/CollapseScience wiki - A great collection of scientific papers on collapse and collapse-related topics (climate change, electric cars, societal effects)
This wiki is relatively new but it is already an extensive resource so I thought you people might like this. publicació creuada des de: https://lemmy.ml/post/59169

Could you kindly add collapse.cat ?

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/106962 > La disponibilidad de diesel hace años que desciende. Ese diesel que necesitan los camiones que llevan los alimentos y todo lo demás a las ciudades > > Mientras, nos venden el esplendoroso futuro de las smart cities > > PD: no podemos fabricar camiones eléctricos > > https://crashoil.blogspot.com/2021/11/el-pico-del-diesel-edicion-de-2021.html > > Luis Glez Reyes

La disponibilidad de diesel hace años que desciende. Ese diesel que necesitan los camiones que llevan los alimentos y todo lo demás a las ciudades Mientras, nos venden el esplendoroso futuro de las smart cities PD: no podemos fabricar camiones eléctricos https://crashoil.blogspot.com/2021/11/el-pico-del-diesel-edicion-de-2021.html Luis Glez Reyes

Maybe the problem is this:


Are trying to install Lemmy (executing Ansible) from the server where Lemmy will been working?

Really? I don’t think so… There are some exceptions, like the use of Linux on secondary schools (12-18 years old): #Lincat http://linkat.xtec.cat/portal/index.php and others