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cars are a dumb idea in general, with very few applications

moving people around in cities by car is very inefficient and dumb

While I agree that a car in some place like London, New York, or San Francisco is dumb, you’ve changed your goalposts.

Rather than belabor that point, though, what is your preferred alternative?

You must have live somewhere with excellent public transportation or with a good enough urban center that you’re able to do all your work and shopping without traveling any significant distance.

self driving taxi/bus is a very dumb idea that also scares me

Do you feel that way about self-driving cars in general, or just specifically self-driving public transport?

This seems like such a tiny number… surely this is just what’s overtly on the books? I can’t imagine that they didn’t spend at least another factor of 10 in other means.

Ideally, if you create the communities and post questions, wouldn’t those that can answer then show up?

I wonder though if at this stage, it would be better to make a more general “What is this?” community, where you can post anything you’re hoping to have identified.

Well, yeah, that’s entirely logical. Using F/OSS means that no one is paying for the labor of creating that software (in general, yes I’m aware there are paid projects, blah blah whatever). With proprietary software, the labor is always paid (provided they didn’t stiff the developers). Maybe cheaply and offshore, but someone got paid to make it.

Really depends on budget and interests.

In general, I’d think getting something historic/vintage that’s rare and desirable in that specific field. Something that makes others in that community go “how the hell did you get your hands on one?!”

For me and my interests, that might be tracking down a Nucleon Quest Super Ginrai, Diaclone Lancia Stratos Turbo, or the Petter Solberg version of Alternators Smokescreen. If the budget allows for it, it might be an '05 Lava Orange Mazdaspeed Miata or one of the earlier yellow special editions. It might be tracking down a first edition paperback (hardbacks are lame) of a Phillip K. Dick book.

It’s a bit of a double-edged sword. Big companies using the software is one of the most direct ways to user adoption. What would you prefer at work, using the open software of your choice, or using the proprietary system that the CIO gets a kickback for making the company standard?

That’s great, and I disagree with you. I find that a downvote button, even if it’s not frequently used, increases my engagement with a comment section. I’ve consistently preferred those sites that have both positive and negative voting. If you don’t, that’s cool too, but I think you’re wrong :)

I’m sure they are, and they’re also significantly less convenient. It’s no longer a priority of my time and I’ve lost the inclination to root/rom my phones anymore. If you do, awesome! Hack that bejeezus out of it.

I’m not trying to sell you on using iOS. By my calculus, I find iOS to be the best option in terms of privacy/security vs convenience when it comes to having a cell phone. If your calculus tells you to use a pine phone, or a flip phone, or no phone at all but only use a home-made device built from scratch and only connect over public mesh networks… that’s rad as hell and I want to subscribe to your newsletter, but I’m still gonna use my iPhone.

Haven’t had much need for it here.

On Reddit, I use it on those things that actively take away from the conversation. Trolling, pushing obviously wrong information, blatant racism/sexism/other-ism.

But, as little as I do use it, I find it supremely important to have. Trolls get downvoted out of the conversation. It’s a way to fight brigading. It’s the only easy/consistent way to give input as to what content doesn’t fit into a particular sub. Downvoting can be problematic, but it’s less problematic than those sites that try to be all warm/fuzzy and only allow positive input.

Cellular devices are inherently anti-free software due to there not being an open cellular modem. The best you can do is sandbox the modem; with current tech there will always be proprietary code on your phone.

Popsicles. They always make a sticky mess and sensitive teeth makes eating them a literal pain.

Classic Pikes Peak footage.

Would make sense considering the game is a critique of capitalism. The whole point is to show that ultimately wealth will concentrate in a single player, and that the more money that player has, the faster they accumulate everyone else’s.

Biden’s gonna need… about three-fitty.

That’s not the part of him that looks like Toad.

Wasn’t fluxbox the default WM on Crunchbang? The way they set it up was fantastic. I tried to roll my own version on top of something else (maybe that’s when I was playing with Arch?) and I could never get it to work as nicely or smoothly as the #! default.

Recommendations for a news aggregator?
I'm slowly trying to degooglefy my life, and Google news is one of the first sites I check when I log in in the morning. What news aggregators do you use? My ideal one would be able to give local news when given a location, and allow some sort of tuning of source priority (even if that's just blocking certain sites from the aggregate). I'm also not opposed to rolling my own, but I'm not sure how I'd start with a project like that.

Been waiting for the official release on this one ever since I first heard the rumors Ford was reviving the Bronco name. Ford could've screwed this up something fierce, but I think they hit the nail on the head. Be curious to see how long before an SVT version is offered with a Coyote; the lack of V8 seems to be one of two big complaints, with the other being that the manual isn't offered with the 2.7L, only the 2.3.