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I have one of these, and I also have a balcony door that works the same way

The word “degeneracy” is commonly used by religious zealots and it is meaningless, yes, but porn can have real and lasting damaging effects.

Someone seriously needs to build a GTK/Libadwaita client

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the those apps, but I guess it’s helpful for the newbs

Encode the obfuscated exe in base64 multiple times and decode it in a batch file. Obfuscate the batch file aswell.

It’s also boosting my “Convert everyone to Matrix” project aswell

Why do linux commands fight all the time?
Because they have arguments.

Pipewire literally just stopped working and became as stale as kale one day.

Why would the guy bother to mention “Uyghur”?

Make sure to also get your healthy dose of Mastodon

OpenOffice is dead. Literally, it is left unmaintained.

So many *fetch programs these days

Yeah, KDE has had it for ages