Friends don’t let friends use proprietary software.

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Steve and electroboom have been going back an forth on the physics behind the “chain fountain” phenomenon…

I think it’s funny that ATT also owns CNN, and they’re probably live right now talking about Facebook pushing divisive content and misinformation

OAN is reportedly almost entirely funded by ATT

IDK about the underlying news source, but that’s the report. I linked to Reddit for additional sources and info…

Yeah, that’s how I see it. If the US decides to bomb a part of the world and calls on its allies to join in, you could say that its “US-centric” but it effects the whole world, and it seems like the world should have a place to come together to discuss the topic.

The “UK police” link OP complains about I thought was relevant to world news, because every place in the world has police, and many are concerned with their encroaching powers and police-brutality. =/

I get the same fingerprint on desktop and mobile =\


Smells like BS

I happily played World of Warcraft during 2007-2010, but one day Blizzard removed the damage component from my beloved warlock’s Siphon Life spell. I cried myself to sleep, and on that day I realized what horrors centralized services can bring. I soon decided to quit…

It’s actually GB =\

EDIT: and it’s a link to r/worldnews

There are a sizable amount of missing features and bugs, so I would hold off for production.

I use it on my daily driver though =]

trying to get me to reveal where I store my secrets =P

I’m pretty sure the “temporarily turn off finding” feature actually just alerts the FBI you pressed it and keeps tracking

yeah… I remember when $5 gas killed crypto kitties

DoomRL was one of my faves

It’s spiritual successor, Jupiter Hell, doesn’t have terminal support yet, but it’s coming up!

They both have 10/10 soundtracks too

This is pretty awesome, I’m betting major news outlets wont be covering it…

Unless it’s open-source, it’s a scam

This is what cryptocurrencies were made for

Interesting, I like it! I’ll check out the code sometime =]

They’re takin a good jobs from a hard working Italians!

Yeah, I figured not. I’m curious how long the EAC-proton support will exist, before cheaters use proton as a back-door to circumvent EAC

I don’t know exactly whats going on, but Is there going the be a special proton kernel mod or something?

Apparently they’re a ticking time bomb…

A fundamentally new way to freeze foods could cut carbon emissions equal to 1 million cars

Called isochoric freezing, the technique relies on storing foods in a sealed, rigid container made of hard plastic or metal that is filled with a liquid such as water, and placing it in a freezer. Conventional freezing involves exposing food to the air and freezing it solid at sub-zero temperature…

The “delayed choice quantum eraser” experiment forces us to rethink causality…

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On snoosite users are also communities where the user can exclusively post. I think this is pretty awesome feature and would seemingly make mastodon federation make more sense.

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Steve Mould and Mehdi Sadaghdar have been debating the physics behind the “chain fountain” …

Gravity might not be as fundamental as you think…

I feel like my favorite physics tuber fits here…

An extremely fun tactical game with a killer soundtrack. …

butters is too god damn hilarious…

Dispute on “MOULD EFFECT” (Chain Fountain)

ElectroBOOM pokes holes in, and provides an alternate theory to Steve Moulds eponymous effect…

Could Lemmy be able to subscribe to mastodon hashtags?

I’m assuming the pub-sub system doesn’t work like that 🤔…

How would you guys feel about a "debate oriented" instance+fork of lemmy?

My friend and I are thinking about making an instance dedicated to debate and forking lemmy to add some debating features. …