Friends don’t let friends use proprietary software.

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Someone should setup a “HeapOverflow” instance specifically for this…

The software isn’t political, instances can be though

I guess the license is a bit polical though

And then an hour one takes 4 seconds!?!?

youtube vs yt-dlp battle is raging on apparently

And today importing a 20 min vid times out 😩

The video seems to be fine… how is this possible!!!..

Any plans to post on f-droid?

I’m assuming after it’s more stable?

Blizzard was dead, and it’s sad M$ was the necromancer that found the body =/

Wasn’t this like the whole plan for the middle east a couple decades ago?

A decade ago, when my moms laptop stopped working, I installed Fedora on it and set everything up for her, and she loved using it for years until my dad got her a mac 🙄

Now her mac is deprecated and I’m sure that fedora laptop still works just fine lol

I didn’t really know where to post this =/

Edit: I saw it on hexbear:

Any game where you can run a server, I would consider “decentralized” =/

Yeah, CF has too much power for sure.

Google screws stuff up all the time and this will cause lemmy users to switch DNS providers so it’s entirely plausible google is just stupid and this adage suggests we don’t consider malice until we can rule out them just being stupid.

Yup, cloudflare-dns works though: or for DNSoverTLS

I actually set the IP manually in my hosts file =P

EDIT: I’m not endorsing cloudflare, it’s a privacy nightmare

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

(Hanlon’s Razor)

Learn the math foundations you need to excel at computer science!

Kernighan & Ritchie: "The C Programming Language" [PDF]

The “holy bible” of C programming. (I recommend you download it) …

C Programming Introduction [CS50]

Harvard lecture series…

Python Programming Introduction [MOOC]

By University of Helsinki …

Where is the line between criticism and harassment?

I’ve had this debate before and was unable to come to a conclusion. It seems to me that any criticism, no matter how valid, could be characterized as harassment.
What do you guys think? …

[META] !piracynews mod banned me for criticizing a Bloomberg article...

@CHEFKOCH banned me for criticizing a Bloomberg article that didn’t link to any primary sources. He claimed I was being “disrespectful” for that criticism… …

A youtuber is getting shafted, and apparently Japan doesn’t have a “fair use” provision =/…