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Pine64 have a track record of selling devices at little to no profit, so disregarding this as just a “cash grab” doesn’t really check out especially considering their incredibly community focused nature.

Running a huge Python program (which the official software for running a Matrix server is written in) for something that focuses heavily on real-time comms feels awful, the Go rewrite of Synapse can’t hit stable soon enough.

Never heard of this person, this is not a very great first impression on their part

(If it wasn’t obvious already, this is incredibly satire and how not to use Rust)

I imagine when someone says Matrix and “UX/UI isn’t good” they usually mean Element, which is the most popular of the multiple clients available (one example being Fluffychat which I hear is somewhat simpler in UX), but choice of client usually doesn’t fix fundamental problems with the protocol itself, so pick your poison.

On the bright side, it seems the Element team recently started really picking up on the complaints yearning for a good fix-up of the Element UX, so the original issue itself might change up soon.


Considered, thanks!

2760 characters later, I’m all done! What a trip!

I’m accepting criticism, of course! ;)

That’s two Muse Group controversies now…

Not only Twitter and YouTube! Pretty much, if a video on a website lacks a download button, try youtube-dl. 99% of the time, it will work great.

Oh, I see what you’re talking about now.

Doesn’t libera use their own homeserver (e.g #example:libera.chat instead of #example-libera:matrix.org)? I haven’t heard anything about libera’s Matrix homeserver being a forwarder from matrix.org, TIL I suppose.

If you refer to matrix.org when you say “their servers”, the entire point of Matrix being decentralized, E2EE, and open is the fact that does not need to happen. Use an alternative homeserver, or host one yourself. Plus, not to mention one of Matrix’s main selling points is unifying communication platforms, which is exactly what is happening here.

Unless there’s something I’m missing of course, which I won’t dismiss as a possibility, but the fact you moderate the community for XMPP/Jabber doesn’t exactly save me from thinking there might be somewhat of a bias at play here.