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The Vaults of Minos is a precision plattformer inspired by pulp adventure comics and movies and mid 90s jump'n runs. We invested a lot of time in playtesting and polishing the game to ensure good controls, a challenging but fair gameplay and an overall fluid and fun experience. The core feature of Vaults of Minos is a refined autogenerator that delivers challenging but always solvable levels for every new run. Other features include: -Colourful 2d sprites -Custom Soundtrack -Different bosses/Story mode -Full Controller Support (xinput, xbox, and dualshock) -Adjustable difficulty -Highscores and achievements The game was developed on OpenSuse and should run well on any modern Linux system. Visit https://thunderperfectwitchcraft.itch.io/the-vaults-of-minos to get the game or the demo. A steam release is planned for late july/early august. I'll stick around if you have any questions or feedback regarding the game!

I still encounter Software that doesn’t run or doesn’t perfectly run on Wine; one example would be Warcraft III that doesn’t install well after Blizzard “upgraded” the installer; and my friend who tried to play LBA under wine a few days ago encountered problems regarding the controller. However: Most things work well, and I even managed to run a few old and obscure games with that wouldn’t work under windows (a long time ago).

On the Malware-Question: It is possible, however I have yet to meet somebody who managed to get his Wine-Install infected. Native Linux-Viruses should have a much harder time, since the user privileges in Linux are - as far as I know - much stricter than those for windows.

Checked this game out for the last two days and it is quite a blast; one of the best 4x experiences I had since Civ V. The whole thing is FLOSS.

This depends alot on the anarchist world, the state and the development an anarchist society has taken up to the point of perception. Not all anarchist ideas include the instant abolition of money as a concept, some ideas include the shift to other forms of exchange.

For an in-depth read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchist_economics

Acid Flight is a free (pay what you want, revenues are spent to an afghan women's organisation) infinity Jumper inspired by retro game "Icy Towers". Available for linux and windows. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/QTzzqQKslD.png)