The Vaults of Minos is a fluid arcade Jump 'n Run with procedural generation - every attempt to prevent the unholy coalition between your opponent and the a...

The Vaults of Minos is a precision plattformer inspired by pulp adventure comics and movies and mid 90s jump’n runs. We invested a lot of time in playtesting and polishing the game to ensure good controls, a challenging but fair gameplay and an overall fluid and fun experience.

The core feature of Vaults of Minos is a refined autogenerator that delivers challenging but always solvable levels for every new run. Other features include:

-Colourful 2d sprites

-Custom Soundtrack

-Different bosses/Story mode

-Full Controller Support (xinput, xbox, and dualshock)

-Adjustable difficulty

-Highscores and achievements

The game was developed on OpenSuse and should run well on any modern Linux system.

Visit to get the game or the demo.

A steam release is planned for late july/early august.

I’ll stick around if you have any questions or feedback regarding the game!

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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