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  • I literally did what everyone says you shouldn’t, and looked at the first result on Google.

    Also get fucked with the comrade bot shit. I don’t have any issue with the Chinese as a people, their government is fucking dystopian.

    I was going off what was obviously incomplete information, which I did try to make clear in my post. You think cause this is .ml account calling me a comrade bot is some kinda gotcha, but there’s a pretty wide spectrum of people on this instance and you can take that shit and fucking shove it.

  • It basically boils down to the USA not wanting China to be the ones collecting all that data. Which is a bit tenuous. The owner of TikTok is ByteDance, ByteDance is registered in the Caymans, with global headquarters in LA and Singapore. The current CEO is a Chinese national, but lives in Singapore. TikTok does collect quite a lot of data, but the FB app collects at least as much. It’s a bit of Sinophobia.
    My personal pet theory is the US alphabet boys have a deal with all the other social media giants for first pick of data they mine, and TikTok didn’t want to play ball.

    This is just what I’ve kinda thought, it’s by no means absolute fact, and I look forward to hearing what other people think/know about it.