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Well, at the time one could post piracy links, requests, if i wanted to share something with someone I genuinely could. Now it has pretty much become a meme sub with a nice Megathread.

Prequel Memes on Lemmy!
Come support the love for Obi-Wan on /c/prequelmemes or just the love of the prequels

Hi all! I wouldn’t say I’m new to anime, but I haven’t seen nearly as many as some of my anime watching friends. Or probably some of y’all in here.

I’m currently watching Boku No Hero Academia and Seven Deadly Sins. Also, even though it isn’t anime; my kids just finished watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, and so my wife wanted to introduce them into anime; so she’s showing them her first anime, Inuyasha.

I figured the first post of the new /c/prequelmemes should be of the lord and saviour.

Zelda & Chill
I'm a huge fan of Zelda games, and being that I'm in college I also enjoy some relaxing music while I study. So I found this fantastic Lofi song on [YouTube](https://youtu.be/GdzrrWA8e7A)

I’m not sure how the servers would handle having tons of avatar gifs, but I can imagine it would eventually cause some loading issues. Plus like everyone else said; they are pretty annoying.

Rules and Regulation?
Is this going to be how r/Piracy was back in its glory days before Reddit started making a crap ton of rules? If so, I'm pumped!

Because I am tired of what reddit has become