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Well, given the number and scale of these attacks, we can say that they are becoming more complex and dangerous. https://utopia.fans/networks/the-biggest-ddos-attacks-in-history/ Cybercriminals do not stop and come up with more and more sophisticated methods. I think the time has come to pay more attention to ways of protecting against this type of attack.

Hmm, this is very strange. I never thought that this type of attack is possible in a decentralized p2p application. By the very least, I did not find a single mention of this in all the sources that I found https://utopia.fans/networks/ddos-attack-what-it-is-and-how-to-trace-a-ddos-attack/ https://lemmy.ml/post/35712 .

It’s time to get rid of this vile surveillance! I still cannot understand what infuriates me more: the fact that they are really spying on me and on all users without my permission,https://utopia.fans/networks/google-data-tracking-how-to-track-users-on-the-network/ or the fact that they are also cheating on this? I think both facts are equally unpleasant.

Well yes. This is an obvious fact. Have you ever thought about how much data this corporation collects about its users? They also learned how to make money from this, exercising control over movements, search queries, photos, conversations, correspondence, etc https://utopia.fans/networks/google-data-tracking-how-to-track-users-on-the-network/ .

COME ON! SERIOUSLY? I thought that Google is the most honest corporation that does not monitor its users and does not make money for it. https://utopia.fans/networks/google-data-tracking-how-to-track-users-on-the-network/ lооol

YES, this, of course, is all very nice, but I read the news on the channel Belorussian Revolution News in the Utopia p2p application that the Internet was turned off in the country and even Telegram did not work. So it looks like an excuse for advertising.

lol! And it seemed to me that these countries were in partnership. However, at the moment, revolutionary events are taking place in Belarus, and if someone is interested in learning more news, I recommend visiting the Belorussian Revolution News channel in the Utopia p2p application.

Ooh yeah! What is happening in this country is what will be included in history books. Only now you can see all the events taking place there only on the channels that are hosted by someone from the local. For example, the channel Belarusian Revolution News in the application utopia p2p, where you can find the latest news, which is also uncensored.

Hell, shit is happening in this country! It is enough just to read the real news from the people - everything becomes clear. Channel Belarusian Revolution News in the application Utopia p2p - I recommend it to those who are ready for the pure truth without censorship.

What can I say? I believe that social media censorship is a violation of human rights. Regardless of the reasons voiced, this is so. I have read a lot of information on this subject. For example, this article . https://utopia.fans/censorship/biggest-pros-and-cons-of-social-media-censorship/ Here are the pros and cons of social media censorship. I’m not trying to impose my opinion on anyone, but I made my choice.

Thanks for the helpful information, I believe that communication should be safe in 2020. And all the stay on the Internet too. As they write in this article, https://utopia.fans/security/protected-internet-stay-save-online/ every 39 seconds a cyber crime occurs in the world. And I don’t want to be among the victims.

So, today I just got really mad talking about privacy. I believe that it does not exist, because any search engine indexes a query. https://utopia.fans/privacy/the-myth-of-the-privacy/ You can, of course, turn your attention to the darknet, but I don’t think this illegal action is worth it. Yes, you can use VPN and / or proxies - but this will also not help you much in the conditions of the modern model of the indexed Internet.

And I believe that privacy on the Internet does not exist. And this is my main argument. In the modern, indexed model of the Internet, privacy is impossible. https://utopia.fans/privacy/the-myth-of-the-privacy/ Yes, you can use privacy tools, which to some extent reduce the vulnerability of personal data, but this is still not an option. It has long been proven how global corporations hunt for our data and make money from it, and besides, the hacker community hunts for them, because they can then be sold on the darknet.

No, I don’t think this is paranoia. Ok, I can admit that in the information and political race, the United States seeks to blacken China in all possible ways, but I have read with my own eyes many articles on the latest scandal related to the post on reddit. for example https://utopia.fans/privacy/tiktok-collects-users-data-delete-it-right-now/ And I have enough of my brain to understand that such requirements and closed source code cannot be just for an entertaining social network.