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Unless you get it because it is easy repair or need it for Ubuntu touch and do not want pine phone for some reason, I do not see the point. Ethical reasons they claim are debatable, as presented in articles. It is fine phone or not fair phone, and for premium cost.

Use multiple browsers… Chromium for google services if you must, Tor for everything anonymous that does not require captcha, IceCat for any additional resource intensive tasks like video calls, and for the rest use free browser like Epiphany, Midori or Falkon.

But as you asked for Windows there is not many open source browsers so you have to blindly trust anyone like Edge, Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, other chromium forks… If you choose to use these proprietary browsers you might want to use something overseas (in example if you are American use Yandex browser) instead local ones so the data they gather is less likely used against you, however it might be sold as less anonymized depending on origin, who knows. Also if you use a proprietary browser I would not do anything deeply personal or political or even visit forums like Lemmy.

Are you sure that you do not need android-studio installed for android builds ? I tried using flutter but it complains about android-studio, google chrome etc bloatware…

I did not necessarily mean command line, more light weight IDE is fine too. However godot is not a great option UI wise and probably battery usage is high for every day app.

Are you able to build with flutter without studio for android? I read “Flutter relies on a full installation of Android Studio to supply its Android platform dependencies”

FSF is software movement and those are his personal views he has not expressed them with in FSF. Also there is no pure evil with those thoughts, please let him discuss whatever he wants in his personal website…

Can you make video or picture about the BIOS or is it just coreboot/seabios ?

What do you mean in practice ?

Creating android app without android studio ?

I have few app ideas I wanted to create, so I thought I give flutter a try. Downloaded it and as recommended with android-studio… It was horrible bloated and very very slow I could NOT develop with it. …

I agree that and slightly smaller battery would not be an issue for me neither. Also it would not necessarily be much thicker than external case that glass phones pretty much need.

Its just that phones are marketed in a way more cameras, thinner, bigger screen to body ratio etc, all irrelevant in use, just pretty to look at. Well cameras I have not taken such shots it would be useful and screen to body ratio only makes phones harder to hold.

If you already use thunderbird, that would be a good option ?

I think replacing $1k phones battery for 100$ is reasonable. Issue is cheaper 100-300$ phones making less sense to replace their battery with that high labor cost.

Replacing wearable devices battery does it not likely break water proof ?

@MilotoLinuxResponse to flatkill.org

GNOME Software is one of the only GNOME apps I dislike, it often does not work or loads slowly and uses a lot of memory and the interface is not up-to-date :(

But functionally it would work… What I wish for is Lutris getting flatpak support or preferably brand new app launcher focused on flatpak.

This is why I use multiple web browsers for different sites and workflow :)

I have no technical knowledge on flatpaks, maybe someone can confirm isn’t sand boxing it provides fine for non crucial / system apps like games fine ?

I do wish there was more repositories than flathub however especially because they do not separate non-free apps. I also wish flatpak had dedicated gui app for repo and update management, launching apps etc.