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But yewtu.be doesn’t let you download anymore

Jesus let people have opinions. Please don’t turn this into reddit

Can you give the name of the app?

Have you considered disroot mail? It’s what I use and it’s awesome

Auto Auto Rotate
Found this app on F-Droid. You can choose apps to enable auto rotate in. It’ll do it automatically.

Hi all. Today marks the day this community was created. I made this because I wanted a place for the people that see my blog (https://kutt.it/fdroidblog) to be able to discuss and share some of the best apps they find on F-Droid. Speaking of my blog, it revolves around the same topic as this community. I update it with AT LEAST 2 ENTRIES per month with some cool F-Droid apps. I hope you enjoy your stay here

Yea. I wish for a day when tech giants don’t exist. Instead, everything would be open source and privacy respecting

Open source Ad-Blocking Spotify clients for Android
Anyone know of any open source adblocking Spotify clients for android? Now I know that Spotify IS open source, but I still wanna know some other clients because I’m built different lol

Wallpaper: https://ibb.co/pWkty3S(input this into Muzei) Icons: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arandompackage.flatconsred Kwgt Widget: https://mega.nz/file/Bhsl2QjL#zSqSd6l9YURikokjFjd1wmQKfUlkno7Z6hZzuaEmz64 Lawncher: Lawnchair Lawncher( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.deletescape.lawnchair.plah)

If its on the play store, it probably doesn’t have malware. It can be collecting data tho

Lemmy Clients For Android (other than Lemmur)
Are there any other Lemmy clients for android other than Lemmur? I wanna explore them


Yes. I can’t find any option for creating a community on Lemmur

Creating communities on Lemmur
Can anyone tell me if its possible to create communities on Lemmur? I can't find such an option


Thats actually pretty sad…

Do you like how far Krunker is taking the Dababy meme? I like it, but I’d want to know your thoughts.

Best Open Source Ofice Suites For Mobile
Anyone know any open source office suites(other than collabora office) for mobile(both iOS AND Android)? Collabora office is super laggy.