Freedom in Mobile Computing

Open source Ad-Blocking Spotify clients for Android

Anyone know of any open source adblocking Spotify clients for android? Now I know that Spotify IS open source, but I still wanna know some other clients because I’m built different lol…

Best Open Source Ofice Suites For Mobile

Anyone know any open source office suites(other than collabora office) for mobile(both iOS AND Android)? Collabora office is super laggy…

I like the FOSS keyboards out there, but really bothers me that I’m force to have installed the default system keyboard (Gboard) in order to have someting to type my password with on startup …

Freedom in Mobile Computing

    /c/LibreMobile is a community for discussion of Free (Libre) Software in the mobile space, including Android and non-Android Linux-based OS’s.

    Please don’t discuss, promote, advocate, advertise, or ask for help with proprietary software in this community. This includes using libre software with the purpose of enabling proprietary software (such as microG, Aurora Store, sandboxes, etc).

    Proprietary apps are still proprietary even if they have no trackers or a nice-sounding privacy policy.

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