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I just find the asassin Hillary memes quite funny, also she’s a kween don’t @ me.

For those living in the UK:

Step 1 Have personal contacts with the Tory government.

Step 2 Set up a shell company with £100 in assets and no employees.

Step 3 Get millions of £ worth of PPE contracts.

Step 4 ???

Step 5 Profit

The closed beta will be up today (American time I’d imagine) so evening for Europeans.

It was one of the first maps that I searched for to upload here. The animations make it even better on top of the nice artstyle.

I’m almost certain the accounts and the content will remain. I wouldn’t worry about it. :grinning face with big eyes:

I’m not a dev, so I may be mistaken on my answer to the second question:

  • The federation is still WIP, the devs are working on it, and it will be made live somwhere down the road (not too long I believe).
  • The website is mostly complete as far as functionality goes, there are still new features that are being suggested and added, but the website doesn’t feel like it’s an alpha project, it’s definitely more stable than that.

You’re trapped in here for forever. Enjoy! :smiling face with horns:

Japan has a very interesting geography. On one hand you have massive mountains that are very steep, and suddenly you drop to these extremely-flat plains that are close to sea-level. …

Sadly, no. But I’ll definitely upload it if I come across a geo-map of Madagascar. I’m not sure how much mining/mineral exploitation was part of Madagascar’s colonial history – if it was, then the odds of such a map existing are pretty good.

The right-to-repair will be a very interesting and important battle for consumers to win as capitalism transitions away from true ownership of products in favour of a “for-rent”/licensed model which provides corporations a constant revenue in the face of a decreasing rate of profit as something that was predicted by Marx well over a century ago.

If you like this geological map, stick around because I just uploaded a new one for Ireland, and will be soon uploading one for another country!

For anyone wanting to read the key/legend of the map, here’s a closer picture of it.

For anyone wondering, the small red spot in North-Western Florida is a nature refuge which contains some extremly rare species of plants…

As you can see, the Green Belt zones are the only things keeping England from becoming one big & continous urban sprawl of cities from South London all the way to Liverpool. :office building: :deciduous tree: :office building:…

I think the ADL is the only organisation that has a public, comprehensive database on hate symbols – which is kind of a shame, considering their views on Israel and their conflation between criticism of that state with anti-semitism. I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I found an article by the SPLC about different racist symbols on tattoos.

Every McDonalds and Waffle House an American UNESCO cultural heritage site.

Thanks! btw I just submitted the request for Albanian translation.

Is there any way that I can contribute to translating the website to my native language? It’s a small language but I feel like every little bit helps.