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At least they say they’re trying. Some of the other biggest economies in the world don’t.

Hopefully this will be a hit to the trend of streaming games that companies would love to happen in order to gain a lot of control.

Even though some practices like limited games access even as a download are just such an evil concept, Nintendo really does a lot of things extremely clever from a business perspective, lately

Probably they will, since they already allow NSFW stuff on the regular platform

I was so disappointed by the latest Nintendo Direct not featuring Metroid Prime 4 or a remake or anything.

Oh boy, I was so convinced that they were working on something mindblowing. I’m sad that four albums are all there will ever be.

How is company X supposed to know how your place looks like?

It’s a shame that all these years there was no Union for Amazon workers. I really hope people will now get the chance to demand what is supposed to be your damn right as a worker.

So this is how Zucc wants to become president of the United States of Disneyworld

I mean the main problem with the hate is that some people will act like jerks and say things they wouldn’t say to anyones faces even it it is attached to their real name right now. I completely agree that legislation would not change a single thing. More likely it would cause people getting doxed more often.

Pretty interesting read. I am currently coding myself a website with bare HTML and CSS. It’s neat how good looking things can be without bloat whatsover. Just need a cheap but great hosting solution

You’re using the solution on here, I hope :)

I really need to look into audio production on Linux. I had some bad luck with FL Studio because of Windows and want to make the switch gradually. This seems like a great starting point