Happy 35th birthday year!

To start with something simple, let’s make an appreciation post for a series that is so underappreciated nowadays.

Metroid was released on August 6 1986, creating an entire new genre of video games while introducing us to the first notable female protagonist in this media and bringing in innovations that we take from granted nowadays like the simple ability of going back in sidescrollers! So to this greatly underappreciated series, I wish a great 35th year!

I was so disappointed by the latest Nintendo Direct not featuring Metroid Prime 4 or a remake or anything.


Tbh I don’t even expect to hear about Metroid from them anymore, when it happens, it happens. But it would have been nice getting an update on MP4 for sure…

Welcome to c/Metroid! Feel free to post any* news, questions, art, cosplay or anything else relating to the Metroid franchise!

*NSFW art/cosplay must be tagged. No nudism of any kind allowed.

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