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One nice feature is you can update all packages and AUR packages with one command “yay -Syu”

what’s the camera like on the Fairphone using lineageOS

personally I don’t think any of them taste like dairy , they taste like a cheesy imitation like how wosits (if you live in UK) or cheetoes taste (US )(both are cheesy flavour crisps if you live outside both these areas ) I believe the majority of companies use nutritional yeast to create the imitation cheesiness and to simulate the fat content found in actually cheese they use coconut or similar nut oils /products . But as far as it smelling like dairy it doesn’t even have a whiff of milk about it .

your device probably needs the proprietary driver to work which isn’t included on Debian by default , follow these steps https://wiki.debian.org/iwlwifi

there is an open GitHub issue that relates to the LG TV client release , it seems to suggest that the only thing they were waiting for ,was the release of 10.7.0 . I’m not sure if they managed to meet LG’s requirements and so managed to get around any issues that were preventing them publishing to the store .

just can’t wait fo the LG TV client to now be released following the 10 .7 release.

not for taste , but jackfruit simulates slow cooked lamb , amongst other slow cooked meats . It takes on flavours pretty well also .