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After that MI6 visit (aka when Snowden hard drives were physically destroyed by Guardian staff, back in 2014) it seems that it’s editors were replaced - the paper is much more openly fash than before.

Plus it all assumes that both numbers are even remotely true, and not taken out of…sitting apparatus. You know who all these “Independent…”,“Radio free…” work for.

Yeah Chomsky,an anarchist that regularly tells you to vote Democrats.

Yeah, and many other “details” =(

Welcome to Canada!
A little comic about growing up...

History, economy and politics form an essential triangle - dropping any of the three turns you into a walking collection of disconnected and misunderstood facts, a kind of trained (in this case fascist) parrot.

In other words, countries such as USA are full of people/authorities with all kinds of worthless, in fact harmful, “degrees” but the system needs them exactly as such.

So basically - fash under fash regime supporting other fash.

Yeah hard of course, still much easier and quicker than the US fascist regime that lasts practically for centuries.

BTW Mussolini is the obvious/only choice, since Thatcher and her kin are much harder to overthrow (better camouflaged fascism) as history is showing repeatedly. Same if you were to pick between, say, Trump/Biden or Hitler - Hitler is obviously the better choice.

Yeah and these tattoos are Charlie Chaplin I guess.

My dad was a very active member - even president briefly - of communist party in our town (Socialist Yugoslavia), so me and my bro received the right education early and never went astray. Well I had a brief “rebel!freedom!democracy!” phase in 90s (too much western comics, movies and video games), but I was still a kid and it didn’t last long =)

I always say “born and raised in Socialist Yugoslavia”, people sometimes go “haha but that place doesn’t exist” - couldn’t care less. My current location (Serbia) is also totally random and irrelevant =)

Haha, naravno. Smrt fašizmu - sloboda narodu!

(A popular battle cry of Yugoslav communists, meaning: Death to fascism, liberty to the people!)

I am from Yugoslavia - that is Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, the land of Tito and his partisans. We are temporarely broken into smaller nationalist pockets, but that won’t last long.

But at least now, when our brilliant shitposts get downvoted again, we can comfort ourselves: “Damn lurking liberals!”