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I didn’t get conscripted where I live because I have such shit health lol

This reminds me of how most places in Northern Norway have names in the native Sámi and Kven languages as well, and instead of being a normal functioning human being and leaving bilingual/trilingual signs alone, A lot of people decide to go and vandalise the Sámi and/or Kven writing on some signs (especially municipal entry signs).

One of the most notable examples is the municipality of Kåfjord/Gáivuotna/Kaivuono.

Absolutely vile behaviour.

I don’t think the game itself is good, but if you get some mods you can turn it into a decently enjoyable game

the community is just utter fucking garbage though like holy shit

I had chicken and rice in green curry together with a friend, it was very nice.

  1. I know Javascript, CSS, HTML and Ruby, I have around a year with most, but I’ll be honest and say that I still have a good bit to learn before I can say I am good with any of them
  2. I am very active online, especially on chat groups (like discord), but I don’t comment that much on stuff like reddit and lemmygrad
  3. I have made a few websites, though never with several people
  4. I’ve been an ML for around 2 years now
  5. I think it’s either Lenin or Marx
  6. Yes, no compromises when it comes to trans liberation
  7. u/Della_25

From what I can gather Norwegians see Americans as racist and stupid. When it comes to the American nation itself there is often surface critique of certain policies like healthcare and the 2nd amendment, but never any deeper critique than that. Most Norwegians seem to have a general positive view of America and credits them for “saving us” after WW2 with the Marshall plan.

My family isn’t accepting of my identity or my political beliefs, so I plan to move out before they get sick of me and throw me out, I don’t feel to upset about it though because I don’t feel close to them.

I am doing really well, which is a nice change of pace. I’ve made a couple new friends, and I should hopefully be able to move out really soon, which I am looking forward to a lot.

I am a native Norwegian speaker, and I am fluent in English. I’ve had German classes for several years and I am able to speak confidently without much issue in German (though I wouldn’t call myself fluent). And lastly I know a decent bit of Japanese, enough for basic conversation.

I feel Scandinavian socialists and communists are massively overlooked by many. Liberals love praising the “Nordic Model” but never acknowledge that it only came to be thanks to massive unions and socialist movements, and the extremely extensive welfare and work reforms had to be put in place to keep them placated. While ultimately unsuccessful in achieving socialism, I think we can learn a lot from Scandinavian socialists.