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I think they do love open source despite not being so themselves. I heard that they used to use Linux on all of their machines, they have (most of) Android open sourced, their webm format is fully(?) open-sourced, they have hosted/sponsored open source coding events, etc. While Google is undoubtedly a truly awful company if you’re looking for any user privacy, aside from that it would be a generally unwise business decision being one of the largest tech companies to make their biggest assets fully open source, and I can’t really blame them on (only) that front.

[/edit] If I recall correctly Discord, Microsoft, and Facebook have all taken the stance of “loving open source” despite all offering blatantly surveilling and entirely closed-source products. Interesting business choice for sure.

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What she did is considered piracy, they are fully within their rights to remove this content. She shared private materials protected by copyright and distributed them publicly for free.

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I only use Signal on my phone, not on my PC - though if I did I’d probably go with the flatpak.

The team over at Kiwi has really stepped up the past few months! Great to see!

A Raspberry Pi would work well for a lot of things. It allows you to have full control over your data, frequently troubleshoot more effectively, etc.

Anymore, Facebook data breaches almost feel like commonplace. You’d think for the largest social media network on the internet they’d employ better security practices, but no they just stay with the same minimal precautions. It’s insane.

Unpopular opinion - my favorite controller is the Steam Controller by far. I’ve used controllers for the Wii, Wii U, Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Logitech PC controller, but the Steam controller just feels the best to me.

Woah, that’s pretty cool! How does it stack up to Firefox and Tor?

In the past few years especially, eBay went from being a marketplace for anyone to start a side-business to a gigantic corporation concerned about nothing more than collection and selling user data and how they are to buyers, and not sellers. Really disappointing to see.

Rightfully so, the team at Jitsi works really hard to make a good product and it shows. They fully deserve the credit and recognition they’re getting and way more, wish nothing but the best for them and their service.

That looks awesome, great work!

Been using their service for a few months now and have been really enjoying it. Can’t recommend them enough.