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Same, it’s easier to jump into than opening a browser and navigating via bookmark or typing.

Well again, I never said anti-facist was too radical for me. With all due respect, I think you’re a little too quick to label people ‘far right’. I agree with your sentiment, I agree and absolutely would consider myself and any sane person antifa; my only disagreement is with how hard political views are pushed here. I want lemmy to succeed and I know that even if they agree with the views presented here, pontential users could be turned off by how zealous it comes off sometimes.

are we worried about offending the facists?

Of course not. I’m just saying that things are just a bit too politically charged here to the point of feeling preachy. I guess it’s fine if the devs only want lemmy to be a platform for political activists, but for your everyday people just wanting to share funny memes, talk about tech, games, etc, it can be a little offputting, even if they personally agree with the stance.

I never said or implied that. This trend of assuming anyone who disagrees with you is ‘far right’ or ‘alt-right’ helps nothing. Also curious is how all of my comments in this thread suddenly have 1 more downvote than a few hours ago before you replied. Probably just chance.

That aside, I actually agree with the views here, I just don’t like being beaten over the head with it platform-wide.

agreed, hence “something like”

I’m not a fan of Google either, however as a developer, there is a very legitimate use-case for using something like GA, so I can see why they were using it.

Did you reply to the wrong guy, because he didn’t say or even remotely imply that being against racism is a controversial stance.

Something like automoderator I wholeheartedly agree should be built in. That said, obnoxious or not, you can do some crazy cool stuff with bots.

Instead of bots just being global and having free reign, perhaps a “whitelist” or “invite bot to community” feature, so only those bots people want could have access.

(Though that said, in the end, nothing stops the determined from manually implementing bots anyway, even in the absence of official support)

You’re right, being against fascism isn’t ‘too much politics’. However, “This is an antifa instance” being the first thing on the front page of the instance certainly is. It shows that the admin’s political stance is important enough to them that it’s the first thing they want everyone seeing. Between this, the AMA on reddit, and across the instances, the dev’s political leanings seem to be inserted wherever and whenever possible.

Nothing’s wrong with politics. Hell, I even share very similar views to those here, I just think that kind of discussion is better suited to a politics-based community, and not as multiple posts plastered on the front page.

Well not plastering it on the front page of the instance is a good start.

This kind of stuff is why some people left reddit.

This documentary surprised me. Just from the name and concept alone I wouldn’t have assumed it to be as interesting and of fairly decent production value as it is.

That’s unfortunate. At least on reddit there were a lot of fantastic, community specific bots that wouldn’t make sense as a global plugin. Unless you’re meaning these plugins could be created and managed by individual communities…

I don’t really follow a whole lot of social media, so I didn’t really see it that way. But now I can kinda see why FB is still so popular. Looking forward to what lemmy becomes!

reddit’s gone to shit, and with federation fringe content can exist, and be white/blacklisted appropriately rather than straight up removed.