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This is neat. I’m not sure how many boxes it ticks either, but RISC-V has definitely come a long way since the last time I checked in

The communities which have content that requires factual accuracy ought to leave that moderation and the equivalent community involvement can be done (and is more effectively done) with comments. Downvotes lack context. It’s like seeing a downvotes question on StackOverflow. The reason why it was downvoted isn’t always clear

Yeah downvotes were being widely used as a form of harassment against trans users there. Within the first week there were voting bots being spun up by spammers and people looking to otherwise disrupt the site’s launch. It wasn’t long before ever single thing posted by a known trans user and everything posted in the trans comm was downvoted like 4 times immediately after it was posted.

Just wanted to say that I have immense respect for all the work you do and that I really understand the feeling. You and Dessalines wear so many hats in the creation and management of this software and these sites. It’s impressive that you’ve been properly delegating and managing all the information being thrown at you constantly for this long.

I’m also surprised that it’s taken this long. Guess that speaks to the quality of community that exists here.

What is the state of open source hardware for SBC’s?
Last I knew, all SBC’s had processors with proprietary ISA’s, closed source microcode, and manufacturer-signed bootloaders. GPU’s were universally using binary blob drivers and the attempts to reverse engineer open source drivers were in very early days. What progress has been made? Do I still need nearly 20-year-old computer to run Linux without closed source code running at some point in the boot sequence? I don’t have any practical reason for this, frankly. Just makes me feel good and it’s interesting work.

Moderation has always been a power struggle on Reddit. Just as the Lemmyverse has tended to be less aggressive in terms of content and conversation, I’m hoping the moderator politics here don’t devolve into the social pseudo-warfare that Reddit is infamous for (moderator coups, mod team splits, megamod cliques, etc). I think that’s going to involve some sort of informal governance policies that will standardize over time, but I’m not sure.

Admin-to-admin mail (similar to mod mail, but visible by all admins on both instances), blocklist compliance, and mutual federation come to mind.

In the case of Canada, I do strongly believe our reparations have overstayed their welcome and it’s time to stop. Not because we’ve equalized the wrongdoing, but because the reparations are not addressing those wronged.

Yeah, Canadian reparations have been really ineffective at undoing colonialism. Good point.

In my opinion, a better solution for long past injustices is mandatory curriculum on the subject. It still won’t help those harmed, but it can prevent us from making the same mistakes again.

But then how is the solution just to stop trying? These were not mistakes. They were done on purpose. And the ideologies which motivated them are still dominant. And the people marginalized by them are still marginalized. That’s the whole point. Learning about the atrocities is necessary, but nowhere near sufficient.

You could liquidate the entirety of what remains of the British Empire and distributing proportionately according to the populations of former colonies and it would amount to very little per country. That said, liquidating the monarchy and returning all of the stolen artifacts from their museums would be a good start

I wouldn’t even call them “former” white settler colonies. The genocide of indigenous people in most of these countries is well within living memory. There are plenty of indigenous rights groups self-organizing and making demands. In general, they do include reparations in those demands, yes.

The left in the west is largely made up of middle class people who have witnessed the failure of the American Dream (which has always been the carrot to lead colonizers through the halls of genocide). Something something Read Settlers, etc

Doesn’t mean that there’s no good western leftists, but it makes it significantly harder and a more conscious process to fight those material conditions

So, “cancel culture” is an umbrella term. The entire point of it is to conflate things which are materially different and blame them on a nebulous “culture” to deflect from discussing specifics of a situation. These are all things which could fall under this umbrella:

  • A call to action that an executive should be fired for polluting a river
  • People being mean to a comedian on Twitter after they were paid millions of dollars for their special in which they make a bigoted rant
  • A local social media thread of people calling out and corroborating the behavior of a local serial abuser
  • Antifascists doxxing nazis
  • Google filtering search results
  • A moderator on any social media platform doing anything ever

This framing is not materialist and therefore not useful to a Marxist. However, I’d argue that framing it based entirely on marginalized identity is an incomplete picture, as much as marginalized people are indeed more prone to this kind of harassment.

Materially, corporate social media platforms operate under an attention economy. Attention operates very similar to capital because that attention is nearly fungible with actual currency. The system for exchanging the two has been built up and automated for decades. Where a firm would have previously isolated and constructed a consumer demographics by hand, social media platforms work by automating the construction of those groups as well as the distribution of attention to them.

Twitter in particular is designed to create, identify, and boost individual influencers. Some people, for a variety of reasons, with multiply the attention given to them. A platform owner is given attention by their platform’s users. They make high-level decisions about how to optimize the algorithm and distribute that attention. Some users, for whatever reason, create content which multiplies the attention it receives. When their content is shown to a user, that user is statistically more likely to continue engaging with the site than if they hadn’t been shown it. These creators are dubbed influencers and prioritized in the algorithm. The more attention is “invested” in them, the higher “returns” they have. This is why clout-seeking is a default behavior. The design of the website and of the algorithm directly influences user behavior in aggregate.

So given all this…

If there were an organized proletarian campaign to doxx and harass executives of war profiteers and government contractors, that could genuinely disrupt the material operations of those contractors. It’s hard to retain a CEO when your last three began receiving credible death threats. And if this were to happen, the marginalized status of any executive would be irrelevant. This is not what happened to Ana.

The “naturally-occuring” (insofar as the existence of Twitter is “natural”) collective act of doxxing and harassing someone is an act which does not further a revolutionary struggle, is done for the emotional catharsis of individual participants, and is easily coopted by capital. This is true even without the consideration that marginalized people are significantly more prone to this sort of harassment due to how the attention economy interacts with other elements of the superstructure.

Do I think Ana should have taken a job with Lockheed Martin? No. Do I think doxxing xer was productive in preventing people from working at Lockheed Martin? Also no. Do I think the narrative of xer being a traitor of some kind would have blown up if he didn’t have a variety of marginalized statuses as well as status within leftist movements? Absolutely not. Show me the time when thousands of Twitter users doxxed and harassed another Lockheed employee who was not trans; who was not disabled. I can’t think of one. This is much more a case of a community dealing with one of their own internally than it is an outside attack, but that becomes compounded when these grievances are aired on public capitalist platforms.

When we do not organize ourselves online along class lines, we will be organized by the owning class along lines which are profitable for them. This is an excellent example of how the base relies on the substructure for reinforcement and if the internet is to be a tool for revolutionary action or even revolutionary inhabitance, we need to act accordingly.

Edit: thanks to the comrade who pointed out the incorrect pronouns and offered some context to the situation. Minor edits in the second to last paragraph, but everything else remains the same.

Workers’ soviets? Totalitarian secret police.

Fascist dictatorship? Democracy in action.

No exaggeration, the average American adult reads at an 8th grade level (13 year olds). Nearly 1/4 are illiterate, while nearly half have low literacy. And our scores broken out by skills skew particularly bad on critical analysis and inference

What has Bernie done to cease the existence of billionaires? Show me his voting record on foreign fucking policy and explain how that has helped undermine imperialist expansion. Fuck right off. Clement Attlee motherfucker

Hexbear devs are currently looking at the possibility of adding a pronoun tag in vanilla Lemmy. The suggestion to default to they/them is a solid one imo

didn’t mean to imply it should be enforced

Oh then yeah 100%

huhhhhhhh? 😵‍💫 Elaborate plz

Not sure if you were confused about one of those statements or both of them, so sorry if I’m explaining something you already understood.

I am a cis person and when I am online I list my pronouns as they/them for privacy reasons, like you’ve stated. It just makes me uncomfortable to be referred to as “she” or “he” online. If someone is anonymized in a documentary, they’ll refer to them as “they” even though they’re talking about a specific known person. I know a lot of people who casually refer to babies as “it”. Stuff like that.

On the trans side of things, it’s really whatever makes someone comfy. I have a non-binary friend who uses she/her pronouns. She leans more feminine than masculine most days, so she prefers she/her. Because non-binary isn’t a third, androgynous gender. It’s a whole category. And as much as cisheteronormative society wants us to be able to look at every single person we meet and immediately correctly guess their gender and pronouns, everyone from binary trans people mid-transition to non-binary people to even many androgynous cis men and women can tell you how often that doesn’t work out correctly. My hair length was unusual for my assigned gender for a long time and I got misgendered a lot. Mostly just annoying for me, but still.

I actually use they/them online as a cis person. I Got my sea legs on boards where everyone was “OP” and OP always used they/them pronouns. However, I do not agree with this:

personal pronouns should be limited as a matter of security on any social media site

Evangelize all you want about the practice of self-identifying using gender-neutral pronouns, but actually enforcing a rule like this would really suck for trans people. Calling a trans person “a they/them” os a common way to misgendered them on purpose.

All in all, I think this whole conversation is a good example of how pronouns !== gender. Cis people have plenty of reasons to use gender-neutral pronouns and non-binary trans people often use binary pronouns. Grammatical gender can be wild lol

Personally, if I were introducing someone open to the concept about the core ideology, the last thing I would bring up is the war in Ukraine. Hopefully you can spend some time focusing on some of the other info in this thread

For the love of god I need to be able to buy a laptop that isn’t fundamentally insecure from the hardware level up

Biden’s Comically Large Spoon
It’s for eating all the high fructose corn syrup, Mack!