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2 libs downvoted this already lulz

emptying balls of pee in 3… 2… 1…


Say anything on r/worldnews debunking the propaganda regarding Xinjiang/Uyghurs and you get downvoted and reply-spammed in a storm like the Luftwaffe

It also functions exactly like a slave plantation from the days of yore. “Inmates” in there will also never see the outside world

Wish there was an active nation/worldbuilding leftist group

The best I had been able to do was have a nation roleplay thing in either a Steam group or Discord.

the IDP-RSA will unite the global south, the moon and mars under the red banner of lenin by 2100

Adobe Master Collection CS6.

So the original files for older versions of Adobe software are pretty much Thanos-snapped out of existence, I still have an original install for CS6 saved from years ago - so if you need Photoshop or such here’s the hookup trial version. …