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I use Vultr they are fine for the price but I plan to look for alternatives as well (just to see if there is something better out.


Nice, thats a pretty and simple website!

My blog (~50KB) is fairly minimal, but for me 1kb is way too much of a constraint. It would sacrifice too much functionality. I like to keep things tiny, tidy and stupid, but still usable/functional.

Thanks! I always planned to do a more in-depth post about it but time is passing by so fast.

Good job everyone, I’m quite new to lemmy but I’m enjoying it a lot!

I’d give Solus (Budgie) a try. It’s really well put together. I’ve tried nearly all DEs and I think it’s the best to return to Linux.

You can see my setup here: https://blog.cron.world/article_03.html#media-and-folders

Basically I have ~/app, ~/bin and alike and symlink everything (like ~/.appname) to ~/app/dat/appname. This works pretty well since 99% of the apps don’t care if its a symlink or real folder. Sadly, there are a few apps that break, I use mounts as a workaround for them (but I’m still looking for alternatives).

Purism? Also half of the tracking can be killed by using some good dns filters.

I guess it’s time to call it a RIP, they had a good run. Yes everytime some product is bought we get this “This does not mean goodbye” yet most of the times it means exactly that. It’s just marketing.

Letter supporting RMS on FSF

For those who support RMS staying with the FSF, the repo has been created. …

Actually i use it as a reminder app, not a todo one. I convert my CalDAV entries to remind with a simple awk script to keep me “reminded” on my Desktop when my phone is not around.