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I guess if you go to a irc linux help channel they will sort it out quickly with you.

You’re changing the topic. You’re saying he is using clickbait, yet you try to steer people away from this post by giving unrelevant information that is controversal. This is not an inch better imo.

I’m all in for calling out bad articles, but not like this.

What does a COVID denier have to do with anything? You’re trying to remove his credibility with unrelated opinions. That’s not helpful.

If I were a physics professor and doubt the existence of dogs… what would that matter to my physics research?

I’m tired of people trying to find an excuse to listen to other opinions.

I am not sure if you really took just one minute to think about what you’re saying before posting this.

Why do you even bother posting at all at this point? Where is your real anger towards?

I swear if every community would be like pine I wouldn’t have any time of my day left.

I dont (yet!) own an pine device but I follow the progress impatiently.

I block network requests on an dns level using dns filter Lists.

Edit: Sorry, I just now understand that TheKernelBlog has nothing to do with CutefishOS. Anyway, I think right now there is a lot left to be desired.

May I suggest to read https://docs.voidlinux.org/xbps/index.html instead? vpm is a nice wrapper and all, but I highly suggest to get familiar with xbps before using a wrapper to understand how it works and why.

I use it on my laptop, RPI 3B+ and my VPS.

Good package manager, active community (helpful but you need to do a lot of digging yourself), has a lot of software packaged, the documentation is however quite lacking.

If you know what you do and what you want, Void can be a good distro for you. I can recommend it for advanced users.

I did get the Gazelle Pro back in 2014(ish) and it was very expensive to ship to Germany.

Unfortunately the shipped CPU was (knownly) from a faulty CPU line so I had to send it back to replace it.

Not going to make this mistake twice. Paying 1/7th of its original price everytime you need shipping is horrible.

3 of the 4 distro links are wrong. This has haste written all over it.

Specifically, many command line tools I use such as fzf and ripgrep have a feature to automatically ignore in their search results any files which are ignored by a gitignore. This meant I had to either turn this feature off (not ideal) or they wouldn’t work any more. Also, the terminal prompt I use also showed I was within a git repository all the time, which was annoying.

I have not seen any fzf which does that. Ripgrep I dont know, but I would guess there is an easy option to disable it like you said. For the prompt: You could easily modify your prompt to only show git repos that are not residing in ~/. So I can’t follow your reasoning at all. I don’t use this system but I don’t think there will be a lot of benefit changing it all over again when the fixes are so simple.

I think there will be a certain turning point reached somewhat soon(ish), in which we either have to decide to lock more and more people out or become another reddit.

With increasing popularity other players will also become more and more encouraged to enter the game. And this always leads to rotting of the community as a whole.

But that aside, I enjoy all of the thoughtful and nice replies we currently have.

So this is totally boosting my “Convert everyone to XMPP” project …

I host mine on a VPS, I love having endless aliases to use.

I’m sorry but I’m skeptical that all things which look “weird” and “buggy” to us are actually inherently bad. There always is a reason for everything. We just don’t know it yet.

Or maybe one day we will understand why we have hiccups and find out that it’s important.

> It achieves this by running an unmodified 32-bit version of Wine, and emulating the Linux kernel and CPU. It is written in C++ with SDL and is supported on multiple platforms. This is pretty crazy if you ask me.

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Letter supporting RMS on FSF
For those who support RMS staying with the FSF, the repo has been created.