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I like it. Also it doesn’t seem to be a complicated implementation.

On he other hand it makes these cars look bad when they are moving

One that looks like an old time map (your example) or just a map that shows relatedness of foss internet? Either way, step one would be to collect data. Why not start here?

I use my password manager (keepass) to generate a “phrase” and use that as name.

Where do you see that?

On the linked page it shows:

Audio Out

  • Headset speaker
  • Audio jack
  • Loud Speaker

same here. unfortunately framework doesn’t offer a trackpoint

Thanks. Maybe I don’t understand imgur enough. How are you using imgin now? How do you (as a user of imgin) discover the url of galleries? With regular imgur?

Will this also support the “main page” feed?

From what i have read, no. However it is new so maybe that will change.

Thank you. I have been looking for a linux alternative for years. Have been using Catfish instead, but wasn’t really happy with it.