An open source, smash style fighting game, it could use mascots from foss projects (just like SuperTuxKart do).

Since there are some SSB knockoffs being released (All-Star, MultiVersus), why not make one that is actually good? I think it would be pretty cool :)


Although not FOSS, I think you might be interested to know that there is also a serious up-and-coming platform fighter, Fraymakers, starring indie characters from the likes of Octodad and Bit.Trip Runner. Same-ish team behind Super Smash Flash 2.

It’d be interesting to see something that would be similar to it, but with FOSS mascots and especially with regards to “FrayTools”, which is a way to customize the game’s everything. Think like MUGEN ig? The main attraction would obv be that the theoretical FOSS platform fighter would be FOSS, so it would have a longer lifespan, customization that could spawn “tournament-friendly” or “story-mode” builds and not have to suffer a similar fate to PSASBR or Nick All Star.

Also with great customizability and freedom comes with great meme potential :).

Oh yes please do! A lot of people would like to contribute i believe :)

Also worth noting: that’s typically the kind of games where subtle physics settings change the gameplay a lot. It’s worth working on a customizable engine as a library (where you can set settings and import characters/maps) rather than a specific gameplay people may enjoy or not.


Yeah, make Tux brawl with… those annoying assistant mascots Win XP used to have (like that talking paperclip, if anyone remembers)



Really cool idea!

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