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op is fine, it’s just a copypasta and a meme in anarchists subreddits

the cool thing about automatic self upvote is that nobody need to feel arrogant for voting own content. so I think automatic upvote or no ability to self vote are both fine (but I kinda like how score starts at +1)

um bom ENEM pra quem fizer :)

por um dia que educação seja um direito de todos, que não haja vestibular algum pra definir se você pode ou não estudar em uma faculdade…

Super Smash FOSS

An open source, smash style fighting game, it could use mascots from foss projects (just like SuperTuxKart do). …

based Paulo Freire

if anyone is interested in his main work: Pedagogy of The Oppressed (PDF from archive.org). I double recommend if you teach

I use Warpinator for that

Unfortunately I can’t get rid of Chrome completely since a web app I have to use requires Chrome

Have you tried Ungoogled Chromium? I use it for sites that require me to use Chrome (like MS Teams), it’s better than Chrome for privacy.

(not so) fun fact: Bolsonaro’s son once confused LGPD (the data protection law) with LGBT, then started to shit-talk (in the chamber) about nonbinary people

I was thinking about how porn is often used as a way of violence. Women are reduced to mere sexual objects, therefore lesbians are treated as a straight male product. Meanwhile you can notice that gay content is totally hidden from the homepage of the porn sites, if you want to see it, you need to actively search for that. So there is a clear sexual and gender domination, some are objected, others are segregated, and that’s done in the perspective of the hegemonic sexual expression.

We can go further than that: take a look at pornhub tags statistics (I’m not linking that but you can search for it it’s SFW), Brazil is the country that most consume transgender porn, while being the one with highest rate of trans murdering; you can also see how much USA consume latina porn, and France, Arab. It just looks like a standard, marginalized groups that struggle for their rights are recognized as sexual things by the dominating ones.