It’s neat too, that it’s an AMD handheld, rather than the patchy Intel.


I posted this on Linux_Gaming. Figured I’d share here too. I’m hyped!

I’m really excited about this. My computing setup at home is an old optiplex that I turned into a lightweight homeserver, a T430 running Arch I use for computing, TV with built in Roku, and a couple old handhelds for gaming (my preferred way to play games). I’ve been looking for an upgrade to most of these and considering getting a 7" tablet to install linux on.

So, this meets pretty much all of my criteria. I plan on using this as my daily driver desktop with a dock, a second dock connected to my TV for Kodi and media watching, handheld mode for gaming, SD cards with alternate boot for emulation station, toss it in my purse and have a touchscreen linux tablet, etc. All for <$800 (factoring in USB-C docks I’ll need to get).

I can see that this isn’t for everyone, and I’m not the intended audience, but it hits so many points for me even if it only halfway lives up to the hype. There are a few downsides: only supports one external monitor at a time, I’m a little concerned about heating (noise and throttling), using it as a laptop with a small external keyboard in a coffee shop will be a bit odd (I don’t do this much though), and upgrade-ability is not really present. Still, I’m super stoked and think it’s worth the money for me.


Yeah, I wonder how many people are reserving this who plan to run Windows and their windows gaming PC setup on this. I think they might end up being disappointed. As an upgrade to my Roku TV, hacked 2ds, and T430 it should be a nice upgrade though.


I truly wonder if the APU of this handheld is actually the Xbox one series S chip with some nonfunctional cores deactivated, since there is a worldwide chip scarcity i highly doubt AMD just decided to give part of its CPU production to Valve’s new project.

Regardless of that, this sounds nice, all respect to KDE users, i would personally install Fedora on it, GNOME is designed with this kind of device in mind.

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