Self as Method
This open access book provides a manifesto of intellectual activism that counsels China’s young people to think by themselves and for themselves

The fact that they refer to CPC as CCP is a bit of a red flag in terms of bias.

If you read the intro by translator he talkd about this (paraphrased) “our western pov: the possible rise of capitalism in China’s 1980s was a missed opportunity also liberalism, democracy…”. But the book is by a Han Chinese citizen and intellectual addressing to the young Chinese seemingly unsatisfied despite the nation’s progress: they are unable to buy houses, afford parenting, high pressure both professionally and academically… so on. Well, is a thing

I’d argue that possible rise of capitalism and liberalism is a bullet that China dodged. We only have to look at what happened after the collapse of USSR to see where that road leads. Meanwhile, all the recent surveys show high satisfaction with the government across all demographics. The pandemic handling in the west helped cure any delusions people in China might’ve had about the superiority of the western liberal system.

Self? Confucianism?

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