Just wanted to share my recent experience with Firefox on mobile.

Previously attempts at using it was meeeh…. Not sure what versions those times. Quite a lackluster experience, dull, blunt not worth while - so I stuck with Bromite (Chromium deal).

Now it has this fancy on-boarding page with options laid out neatly. Option and defauling to bottom bar which I’ve not seen in a mobile browser before, loving it.

UI is on point, privacy-wise it’s Firefox - Idk what else to say other than I think its worth while a revisit if the previous workflow put you off.


FF, since it’s the mascot of Google, it isn’t soooo private, apart that Mozilla does not take much into account the needs of the community itself. The alternative is a Chromium-based browser, but most on Google Play, although Chromium-based, use the, Google-controlled engine, WebView instead of Blink. One of the few that escapes this is Vivaldi. At the moment it does not support extensions, although it does not need them as much, since it incorporates a good adblocker, expandable with more filters, for example from uBlock Origin, apart from also incorporating a filter that jumps The annoying ‘We Use Cookies’ pop-ups and many other functions, like own Sync system, encrypted end to end, Note taking, Screen capture, browsing with tabs, speed dial and much more.


I’m still undecided on which one to pick… using Bromite since 6 months, and it works very well. If I wanted to switch to Firefox, I think it’s mainly because of pc-phone sync (on pc it’s really good), although there are OS programs that do that. What do you think?

Aside from that, may switch from time to time, trying out Fennec, Nightly or Beta. I’m open to discussion for better phone browsers!


I use Firefox on Android, iOS, Laptop (Linux, Windows) and the sync feature works really good

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