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Hi everyone,

I believe I’m the only mod present in this community at the moment, for no other reason than the original mod doesn’t seem to post here anymore, and I volunteered as mod just so we could shorten the title of the community name and add an image.

So far I haven’t done / had to do any kind of actual moderation in terms of content removal, etc.

Just in the interest of transparency, and distributing power, etc. I just wanted to make this thread to check on things like: if other people are also interested in being a moderator, if you think we need to change banner or community images. Or if you think we need more rules, or more helpful sidebar content feel free to contribute anything here - or let me know if you’d like me to work on anything.

4un anno

Thank you for the post. The community is pretty small right now (38/users a week according to the sidebar). So, I don’t think we should over-engineer a set of community guidelines until we need it. Maybe just a regular check-in like this once a month where we can discuss any changes and propose adding/removing moderators if needed would be enough for now? That would let people air concerns and give mods who are feeling burnout a chance to step down and have other people take on the responsibility if they need a break.

2un anno

You could add some basic FAQ texts as links to the sidebar. Or maybe add a sticky post. But no major changes needed I think. Thanks for volunteering to moderate this sublemmy.

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  1. Be respectful
  2. Don’t be a nazi
  3. Argue about the point and not the person

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