All these talks look super interesting. I have never attended a virtual conference before and this just looks amazing… Also, I saw a promotional picture featuring a digital hallway over here

Does anyone know what software they used for that? Sounds really fun


yeah id like to attend if its free, and what the talks are about.

Jia Ming

Yup it’s free as in cost as well as in freedom! There will be case studies on certain free software, discussion regarding education, power, rights and also just day-to-day computing tips.

I’m personally looking most forward to “Bridging the digital divide in education with free software and hardware” by Sripath Roy Koganti. The list of talks are over here


I was trying to watch the talks earlier bit could not find the livestream link. Where do you go to watch the streams?

Jia Ming

Ah apologies, I forgot to mention that the actual event is next week, 20th-21st March 2021. Register over here and I’m sure you’ll recieve a link to the event when the time comes.


I did not know about this, so thanks for sharing! Already got my eyes on a few talks about topics I’m interested in.

Jia Ming

Ah hah found it! The game looking thing is called LibreAdventure forked from released under AGPLv3 <3

Snapshot of pixelized character named ATTENDEE with purple hair running and saying "Yay, swag!" on the right half of the image. The left half is white monospace text "Welcome to the LibrePlanet Hallway! Use the arrow keys to move around. Click on the game if the keys are not moving the character. Bump into people to start a videoconference! Visiting some rooms would show you websites and other surprises." on a plain black background. On the lower right corner, there is a logo of LibrePlanet 2021: Empowering Users

What is libre culture?

Libre culture is all about empowering people. While the general philosophy stems greatly from the free software movement, libre culture is much broader and encompasses other aspects of culture such as music, movies, food, technology, etc.

Some beliefs include but aren’t limited to:

  • That copyright should expire after a certain period of time.
  • That knowledge should be available to people, not locked away.
  • That no entity should have unjust control or possession of others.
  • That mass surveillance is about mass control, not justice.
  • That we can all band together to help liberate each other.

Check out this link for more.


I’ve looked into the ways other forums handle rules, and I’ve distilled their policies down into two simple ideas.

  • Please show common courtesy: Let’s make this community one that people want to be a part of.

  • Please keep posts generally on topic

  • No NSFW content

  • When sharing a Libre project, please include the name of its license in the title. For example: “Project name and summary (GPL-3.0)”

Libre culture is a very very broad topic, and while it’s perfectly okay for a conversation to stray, I do ask that we keep things generally on topic.

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