Full Wayland setup on Arch Linux

This article is a guide for achieving a full-as-possible Wayland setup on Arch Linux.


Thanks for posting this. I was already in the process of removing unnecessary packages, so this is a good reference


This looks like my next setup. Am currently running X, but i need to migrate soonish

Too bad DEs like GNOME still carry some xorg and xwayland dependencies; all the applications I use daily are native Wayland compatible … I’d love to use GNOME w/o any X packages. Things will improve a bit after 40 or 41.

If someone’s looking for an alternative to Alacritty check out Tilix - it is native Wayland compatible supports a bunch of features like password storage, keyboard shortcuts, advanced paste dialogues, a quake mode (only in X session) etc. and has themes available. Admittedly it is in maintenance mode since the lead developer stepped down, but it works and receives updates although infrequently.

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