If you want to install software from the Play Store without using the Play Store or having to have a Google account install Aurora Store from F-Droid and use the built-in anonymous account.


That’s one option, but at times, one has to play around with aurora’s custom tokenizer, and at times aurora can’t connect at all to the play store, given some limits reached identified by Google, or because of changes introduced by Google.

I use instead apkgrabber, which will allow you to visit apkmirror, apkpure, or even the play store if the app doesn’t lie, web pages for the particular app and version to upgrade, and the I have to download and install the apks manually. I only use apkmirror to inspect for packets though. I’d love to find a hybrid between aurora and apkgrabber, so the manual download and install gets automated, or at least the download, :) But I’ve found that process easy enough as an alternative to using aurora.


You are right, very annoying when it can’t connect and sometimes happens. I didn’t know about APKGrabber, thanks for the recommendation.


thx , that will do the job i think , but i’d really like to have better ways like not having android ;) university use zoom …sad story


so its like you use the playstore but you dont need google account ? feels weird but why not … Its just i dont want to use any of this at all but my friends are on signal and university is using zoom … well. sad story.

I would really appriciate that they let us get rid of Gafam and google stuff i dont know what they’re about but they’re scary , in every single place of your phone wich you cant remove.

last time i made atttempt to delete every single thing that had google in the name with adb but that was not good idea lol . Now sometimes i feel like " smartphones or to complicated ill just forget about using it have a computer on linux and a phone. then i think that newpipe is so important in my life . then , …ow forget it

thanx for letting me now about aurora :)


Aurora Store is that, you use the Play Store without having to create a Google account. If you really want a phone with no Google apps it’s better not to mess with adb go remove them, you’ll likely end up with a half working device. See if you can get LineageOS installed on your phone (it doesn’t come with any Google apps by default). Also, someone else on this thread recommended another app to download apks, it’s called APKGrabber, also found on F-Droid. I haven’t tried it but looks promising.

Edit: just be careful with LineageOS, if you do it wrong you may end up with a bricked phone.

Linux is also an alternative, maybe PostmarketOS, Ubuntu Touch or even NixOS should be available.


I totally forgot about that, thanks.

security and privacy nightmare ?

Well yes. If you care about any of these two things, then F-Droid is the only option at your disposal. It’s not perfect security-wise, but it’s still much better than any alternative (including Google Play Store which is just a malware hosting service).

Remember the last time you randomly ran a .exe from a USB stick, an email attachment or a website, and all you got to show for it was a virus? Well anything that looks like Play Store and distributes “compiled” APKs is just that on a massive scale. What could possibly go wrong?


I use Apkmirror and I think it’s good enough with uBlock origin + Privacy Badger.

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