RSS newsreaders allow you to focus on just the quality news you want to follow without the noisy website views with adverts and behavioural tracking. They allow you to consume vast amounts of information without distraction on your mobile phone or PC, with your progress synced.

I’m comparing these two as I needed something that could be hosted at home on a free OpenMediaVault server using easy-to-install docker containers. So yes this could run on a Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, or larger hardware.

Funny thing is I’m using both still as I cannot declare a clear winner ;-)

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I tried TT-RSS, but I liked Miniflux better.


Miniflux was quite good, thanks for the tip


Nice video! Have you looked in to NewsBlur? Looks like it’s more complicated to install


No I did not as was working really with what could easily install via the existing Portainer scripts. Pretty happy with these but I will go have a look at NewsBlur if it can self-host in a container.

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