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I’ve heard the Synapse server takes a considerable amount of resources to host.They have a 2nd-gen server dendrite which is currently in development.

Neat film about The Bird Genoscape Project, where researchers collect bird feathers so they can sequence DNA to map out where different populations of birds migrate…

The name “Kube” is a naming collision with the much more popular “Kubernetes” project.

This blocking behavior also applies to my home IP. I have a service that scrapes 10 pages per day to make RSS feeds, and it’s constantly getting blocked.

I wish the article had some photos of them.

Hopefully we can start getting more than 16gb RAM next.

I do use Redirect AMP to HTML, but I didn’t initially think of it as a privacy extension. Thinking about it more, it would keep you off of Google’s AMP CDN, which is a privacy win. I’ll add it to the post.

Cookie Autodelete helps when you have a long-lived temporary container, usually from shift-clicking links to open in a new tab, which ends up inheriting the same container.

Nice! Aside from the privacy improvement, opening a twitter link always gives me a “this isn’t available for you” error, and I have to open it like 3 times to make it work, so now I only have to open the link once.

To really be in control of your email, you need to purchase a domain name. Then, you can use any email provider you like, and change providers without having to “start over”.

Microsoft buying Github was the reason I wrote this. I wanted a reminder to feel bad whenever I used Github.

Dang, I forgot about that. I wrote 1.5 years ago, but forgot to publish it until a friend reminded me about it recently. I’ll fix that.