So, I was fully aware that might happen, but the fact only bitcoin and conspiracy stuff ended up in my trending list made me a bit sad. It was my intention anyway to remove everything again and then add more curated instances. (TBH, I would have expected more outright porn instead of “Free energy” and “Face masks harm you horribly, also they want to abolish cash” stuff).

It actually motivated me to look into setting up the instance more properly, and thinking about opening it up to a small/medium userbase that remains possible to moderate for me and perhaps volunteers. Just for having more curated instances in the network overall.

I saw the option in the settings to follow some sort of curated public indexes of instances. Are there andy indexes like that I should look into?

Some other tips and tricks you would have loved to have known when you decided to try out setting an instance yourself? Besides info missing, anything glaring at you, screaming “security risk” when looking at it?


So, silly follow up question, where is the data about servers I federate with actually stored? I checked the files in config, but couldn’t find it.

I don`t really want to remove everything one by one via the web admin interface. I`d rather just reinstall it altogether, but I am sure I am just missing the location of a config file here.


I’m not sure how that works but maybe could give some insight ? Also, you could try checking out the Framsoft’s PeerTube forum:


Metadata such as info about federation, such as videos or users is stored in the database. So if you want to clear that, you need to drop the database.


deleted by creator


Thanks, that helps a lot and I think the linked index is what I was looking for.

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