I'm leaving DuckDuckGo, and here's what I picked...
I break down my journey of finding a new private search engine--let it help you on your journey for the best search engine for YOU! This video was originally inspired by @The Linux Experiment video covering his browser journey, check it out here: https://youtu.be/DgFS1Do_1As Search Engine Map: https://www.searchenginemap.com/ Startpage CEO Interview: https://youtu.be/h-3fW0w2ayg Since some people are asking: No--none of the search engines in this video paid us money or influenced it in any other way, strictly Henry's personal journey. None were even aware of this video and are seeing it for the first time like you all are. 🔐 Techlore Homepage: https://techlore.tech 🕵 Go Incognito Course: https://techlore.tech/goincognito 🎧 Surveillance Report Podcast: https://surveillancereport.tech/ 📹 Odysee: https://odysee.com/@techlore:3 📹 PeerTube: https://bitcointv.com/video-channels/techlore/videos Connect with others in the privacy community: 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/techloreistaken Ⓜ️ Mastadon: https://mastodon.social/@techlore 👾 Discord: https://discord.gg/9V5xhJm9ZS 💻 Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#techlore:matrix.org Support our mission to spread privacy to the masses: 💖 All Techlore Support Methods: https://techlore.tech/support 🧡 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/techlore 🪙 Monero: 49H4jTvUY5zaX8qLpVBstJFR7ayTMxxU3UyWpGqUoBM4UzM2zwUHA2sJ9i3AhQYdaqhFmS8PDfWKn1Tea4SKU6haMTXG8qD 00:00 Introduction 00:07 DuckDuckGo 00:51 Startpage 02:13 Searx 02:48 DuckDuckGo 2 03:34 The Dark Ages 03:55 Brave Search 06:45 Recapping All Options #private #searchengine #techlore

I use most Andisearch (AI driven, own search engine), apart also MetaGer, some public instances of Whoogle , Peekier and Lilo, apart from some específic ones (f.Exmpl.Pixabay for the Imagesearch, Piped for Videos, CCsearch, WolframAlpha, Wiki, etc.). For an exhaustive search, depending on the subject, it is necessary to use several search engines, since the results depend a lot on the different indexes. I have also tried some metasearch engines, which include different engines, but the APIs they use from others are usually very limited, as in the case of SearX, which apart from showing little stability. The only one I have stayed with is the German metasearch engine MetaGer, which is quite stable and shows good results. All the mentioned are strictly private, without ads and tracking. You can find the most exhaustive list of search engines here, with corresponding codes to use them in the browser.


Brave doesn’t seem like an ethical option to me considering the company’s past record and the current owner’s personal views. Techincally speaking, it is probably quite good though.


In the case of Brave search, he seems to be confused or focused more on the user experience than on whether it is a true ethical alternative to G*. After that I could no longer take his analysis or his arguments seriously.

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