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I believe that XMPP is one of the best protocols for chat communications there is, and I stand up for it. However, the clients that there are, are not comfortable for most people out there used to apps like Telegram, Whatsapp or whatever.

One can defend current XMPP clients saying that quoting with "> " is the traditional way, or that swiping to quote a message is not worth developing; I have plenty more examples like this.
Well, if you think so, OK, use those clients for yourself, but become aware that many people won’t use XMPP for just this reason.

After saying all this, I want to tell that I am willing to develop a new, modern looking and comfortable client for XMPP. I think of a client for Android in first instance, but I would have no problem on going further.

However, I don’t know programming, so I’m searching programmers who would like to get involved in this.
Although I’m not programmer, I have experience developing software projects, from internationalization to documentation, including ideas about features, testing and all other work there can be.

Will you help me spreading the word? :)


stick to their idea to not support MUC group chats

Yeah, that’s stupid if you ask me. MUC should have been the first thing they implemented, because for almost everyone it’s the main thing that they use XMPP for. I can give up OMEMO and a lot of other things if only MUC works, since that is more vital. As long as Kaidan doesn’t support group chats, I will never use Kaidan.

The thing is though, if they can really get MIX working and off the ground, I will respect that and I’ll even use it, but getting everyone to switch over to MIX seems like an impossible task. Good luck getting all the servers and clients out there to support it. (Could take years, but it’s possible.)

Probably the best thing a client wishing to support MIX can do is to support both MIX and MUC. It probably would even help MIX to succeed more if people didn’t have to choose one or the other.

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