• @Lynda
    2 years ago

    You can run your own Session server, if you stake it. But Session is about relaying messages, so its not an exclusive server. And because a node is staked, I’m skeptical where Lokinet/Oxen is going (sounds like there’s eventually going to be a business model somewhere in there).

    I think the future needs to go towards something serverless. P2P has its drawbacks (offline messages and battery usage). Server based communication has dependence on someone else’s infrastructure. Blockchain might be a solution, combined with either something like Signal Secret Sender, Whisper, or Tor/Lokinet/I2P/relay. Not sure…but I believe it can be a lot better than what we have.

    Matrix and XMPP is just not streamlined enough for mass adoption like Signal is. If Signal removes the phone number requirement, that will be HUGE. But keep in mind, Signal could easily be blocked.