I thought about using my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a NextCloud server, but research told me it would be too slow to be useful. Any cool useful projects I can do, without any extra purchases? I’m extremely low on money currently.

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    2 years ago

    Besides being theft of other people’s paid service and illegal, this puts innocent people at risk.

    Eh, that depends on your usage, you can easily get permission from a friend or family member to leave it at their place. I wouldn’t consider it theft since they just left the Wi-Fi network wide open for anyone to use, this would be a different story if someone used tools such as aircrack to gain access to the network, but that’s just my opinion, and this is only illegal if you use it for illegal purposes.

    Can we please keep this kind of ideas out of lenny?

    Somebody asked a question and I answered, there’s nothing illegal about it unless you make it illegal, I’ve even done a similar setup myself (with permission from the property/network owner, of course), so sorry but I’m not going to censor myself just because someone else is uncomfortable discussing these things on Lemmy.