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Right wing experience: Walk past a right wing protest literally by coincidence, spoke to the demonstrators just for giggles. They wanted to give me a sign to hold, wanted to network. So I networked with them. They invited me to another few protests which I didn’t go to. I had some time and went to 1 of their protests. Afterwards they invited me to a house party and I went to that lol.

Leftwing experience #1: finally found a leftwing group, Which was rather difficult because my city is right wing. Extremely eager to go out and do praxis. My contact there got in touch with me via email. She didn’t want to progress from email to call or anything in person. When I asked about irl Praxis she said they didn’t need anybody right now (???). The back and forth emails felt like mostly a waste of time. She’d throw in the occasional low-key insults. Eventually revealed that singular they wanted to spend God knows how long “vetting” me before anything further would happen. This was happening at around the same time I met those right wing activists above.

That leftwing above wouldn’t allow me to network with anyone else in their org, extremely strong gate keeping. Judging from a few things she said, I’d only speak to someone in the same manner as her if I thought they were a murderer on the run.

Eventually i just gave up.

Leftwing experience #2: Different City. Networked with my local iww. Gave me the union training over zoom. I didn’t have money to pay for their dues, but told the organizer to invite me to protests they go to. Long story short, organizer said they wouldn’t invite me for any protests unless I put cash on the table.

In the 20 years I lived in that City, I never saw or heard anything about that iww. Pretty sure they never did anything besides closed door zoom meetings.

Tldr: the left wingers I met or either incompetent or douchebags.

It’s literally easier and faster to approach women for dating/sex stuff, at least in my experience, than get lefties to do something. in my country. I’m not a Chad or anything either.

My suggestions: Drop the gatekeeping bs, actually do shot that isn’t zoom meetings or reading books, drop the financial requirements. If the right wing icons didn’t spend so much time bashing minorities, I might have believed capitalism works.

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I think you looked for the wrong type of leftist activism… especially unions have bureocratized and also lost a lot of relevance in the west at least. Syndicalism (iww etc) also really went out of “style” with most anarchists (sadly).

In addition leftist orgs are much more afraid of police infiltrators. Rightwings groups also get infiltrated, but in most cases the infiltrators are right-wing themselves so the they do only minimal damage and even often end up supporting stuff financially with state money.

There is definilty room for improvements to get people involved, but single white guys (I just assume you are) just showing up out of the blue, raises a lot of red flags with most leftist orgs and even without being a police infiltrator those usually end up trying to “manspain” how to run the org while doing very little grassroots work (highly generalizing here of course).

The more promising approach is usually to help out at a volunteer efford that isn’t explicitly political, like helping at a homeless shelter or a public kitchen, and once people see you are willing to put in the effort and are not just there to explain them how “communism” works, they open up and include you in other efforts as well.

Of course you can’t really build a mass movement over night or organize large demonstrations that way, but I think many leftists have stopped believing that this is effective activism (in liberal democracies at least), as those movements get coopted by capitalist interests and liberal politicians too easily.

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Yeah I would be super sketched out if some person I dont know starts asking me what praxis they can help out with.

Really makes you sound spooky.

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