Thank god I saw this. I vehemently dislike the idea of paying VPNs.

I forgot proxies existed for some reason; I used them in the past.

  • @MerchantsOfMisery
    82 years ago

    Why not just use a proxy server?

    Great question. I’ll just tell my friends to use a proxy server instead of their VPN so they can go on Netflix/Hulu or torrent stuff.

    Then when they roll their eyes and ask "what the hell is a proxy server?", I’ll waste a bunch of time telling them what a proxy server is and how to set one up, only for 95% of them to ultimately say “ah that’s okay I’ll just use my VPN”. The other 5% will try to set up a proxy server, understandably run into some issue, then go back to their VPN.

    How is the article clickbait?

    Because it’s a painfully one sided critique of why using a VPN is useless, that makes near zero genuine effort to honestly explore the reasons why most people use a VPN instead of creating their own proxy server.

    What if the VPN service logs the activity? Then copyright holders can still interrogate you, just through your VPN instead of your ISP.

    Most VPNs aren’t going to forward scary copyright holders’ letters to their customers/users. Most ISPs will forward those scary letters to the users or worse, someone else who is paying the bill (i.e. a landlord). The letters may be meaningless at the end of the day but the reality is they work as a scare tactic.

    How do you confirm that the VPN service does not log your activity? It would be difficult to prove the lack of logging.

    Irrelevant, as this isn’t about logging-- it’s about not receiving threatening emails from copyright holders from your ISP.

    Here I’ll tell you what-- I get the feeling my counterpoints won’t change your mind so you go tell your friends who use a VPN to access Netflix/Hulu/torrent sites, to stop using their VPN and use a proxy server instead. See how that goes and report back.