Lemmygrad has more traffic than most other instances and drowning everything else in my “All” feed. Is there a way to remove them from my “All” feed?

  • @Adda
    2 years ago

    Then you must specify that it is meant to be a sarcasm, though. Sarcasm cannot be identified in a written text without a non-verbal communication, speaker’s posture, voice intonation or body language. We cannot tell when you are being sarcastic and when serious otherwise.

    • @Godless_Nematode
      -12 years ago

      HL Menchen and Mark Twain would beg to differ. One method to denote sarcasm is to lead with a question or use hyperbole.

      • @DPUGT2
        12 years ago

        Clemens benefited from being popular long before the advent of Poe’s Law. If he were alive today, they’d be posting meme pictures with his face photoshopped to be 50% of its original size and making fun of the fact that he wasn’t married until age 35.

        Sarcasm is only recognized within in-groups. The modern world is far too large for any in-group to span even some large chunk of that.

      • @pingveno
        12 years ago

        When you read Menchen or Twain, you know vaguely where their sympathies lies. On the Internet, you usually don’t know who is behind that looney comment.