• Amicese
    1 year ago

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    • @NathanUp
      32 years ago

      I’m not sure; I’m a designer, so probably just experience and living through interface design trends. IMO skeuomorphism was a large part of the original iPhone’s success; ever since we decided it wasn’t cool anymore with flat and then material interface design, we’ve just been trying to get back to it without admitting that we were wrong; Neuomorphism *shudders* and Claymorphism are both just rebranded Skeumorphism. Turns out buttons worked in computer user interfaces because they looked like buttons. But now we have another problem - some of the visual metaphors that worked back in the 90s just don’t work any more. Physical buttons, dials, et cetera, are disappearing in favor of digital interfaces. When our interfaces no longer even remotely resemble our physical world, children’s toys with buttons, spinners, et cetera will no longer prepare humans for the interfaces with which all of their digital tools will be operated, like it did for many of us. I think we’re going to have to be very intentional with children’s education, toys and activities starting now if we want them to have any natural aptitude, and unless we want them learning computer interfaces like an entirely foreign technical subject.