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Really the problem is you don’t want to acknowledge the difference between diverging political views and agressiveness/insults/fanaticism.

You never say anything when people of your “political opinion” insult others, or call for brigading. So you let the harrasment and sealioning go on and seem happy with that. Maybe do something about it before complaining that other people complain here ?

Exactly. Promoting Lemmy/Fediverse has very much to do with learning how to moderate an instance / community.
Repeated bad behaviors should have users banned at some point. And this is way different from censorship (which exclude topics, not bad behaviors). For example you can’t invite nice interesting (leftist) people on an instance where users are terrifying others with awful stalinist claims and insults. It won’t be better than Reddit to them. Blocking the awful people for yourself is even worse because you don’t see the shit anymore, but new people will be confronted to it anyway as soon as they arrive. And this can really disgust them from the fediverse.

Exactly what I’m looking for then :) Thank you very much for the detailed answer. I will do my homework and explore there, I am really considering creating an account on Beehaw now.

Can I ask you a few more questions, regarding signing up and approval for non english speaking people (French I’d like to invite) ?

Well that’s phrased badly I guess. I like that Beehaw is a safe space for minorities, this is something I’m looking for, and I was wondering if straight anti-capitalist/anarchist content would be welcome there ?
I am quite uneducated about this instance though (lack of time), so it’s very much assumptions from me.

I’m thinking of inviting french speaking leftists from reddit to lemmy, maybe creating a community, but the tankies here who praise China’s CPC, tell Gulag was good (and sex workers would go there), say Ukraine is nazi etc. are keeping me from doing it.

I’m considering beehaw, but maybe it’s too neutral, I don’t know. I’m still wondering what to do next. The only other french instance is blocked here, I don’t know why (lemider.me)

Take this opportunity to go fuck yourself,

You’re so toxic

Salut, je me pose aussi ce genre de question. En fait je cherche la meilleure instance pour inviter des francophones.

Oh OK, I agree then. Sorry I overreacted.

Thanks for the effort.
“Blackshirts and Reds” by Michael Parenti is the kind of readings I was looking for to go deeper on the subject of “Siege Socialism”. And it’s available here : https://archive.org/details/michael-parenti-blackshirts-and-reds/page/n7/mode/2up

Could you provide the author’s names so that it’s easier to find exactly which book you’re talking about ? Some titles are not unique references I think.
I might look for some of these.

Probably because calling Xi Jinping a tyrant is entirely un-Marxist. For all its flaws, the CPC’s leadership over the State does not operate that way.

Well then Tyrant is probably not the most accurate word to describe this authoritarian regime. If it’s not Xi himself, it’s the whole CPC that is a nightmare for the workers and ethnic minorities.
Please don’t call CPC socialism, or “marxism” on here. We’re not ancap, we care for the workers (and the Uyghurs too).

For you, what are the most important theory books that people should read ? (serious question)

Is insolence towards great leaders only fun when it’s about Western countries?
It still baffles me on Lemmy how forgiving people are with tyrans, when they label themselves socialists. Really, if we need to find arguments against Xi Jinping, we’re lacking the basics…

I think he’s a beekeeper trying to get some anarkiddie into an MLM called books. But I don’t get it either.

@NormieGirl is kind of our archivist, for those like me who don’t dare to go on the other instance :D
I think the post is self-deprecating and for entertainment purpose, but you have interesting takes nevertheless.

To me reading too much theory can also be counter-productive, so it’s like you said, Theory without praxis is useless. And I like to read books, booklets, or articles, that tell of real experiences, which can then become part of our theory and help us see how we can organize ourselves, and how we might fail.

rule n° 4 is just basics of online moderation to have a safe space. And it was discussed here.

This sub is one of the only few anar subs, and it’s surrounded by hostile people who hate us. that’s not a nice feeling to have on a leftist instance.
And there is a lot of room in rule n°4 to still disagree and have discussions, no straight banning if you don’t just wanna start a fight.

the stuff lemmygrad users say about us.

Yeah, “anarchists are traitors, they slow down the revolution, they are bandits”… it’s the same uninformed bullshit here. Of course you can’t have your authoritarian regime where anarchists strive. Because this is not what a revolution is supposed to turn into…

Long live the free soviets :)
This was very interesting. Nice to see people from different countries helping out to make this vid, even someone from Russia.

As is almost every counter-cultural look or item in western countries now (I live in europe). What’s interesting with Shamate is the context, and how people and hierarchy reacted to it.

Do you live in China or have strong bonds with people there ? Can you tell us more how weird looks are now common or marketable there? I’m genuinely interested.

*Documentary **“We Were Smart”** sheds light on the shunned subculture shamate and China’s urban-rural gulf* ------ “Shamate don’t understand the world, nor does the outside world understand shamate,” says director Li Yifan of the subject of his new documentary, a wildly controversial subculture that emerged in China in the late ’00s. His film, We Were Smart (杀马特, 我爱你), gives a rare look into the life and struggles of this group of marginalized, often poor rural youths through their own accounts. It has helped reopen old wounds and spark conversations around class and conformity, over a decade on from the vicious takedown that marked the end of the shamate movement. Focused largely around rural migrant workers who’d travelled to China’s cities to get in on, and help power, the country’s economic boom, shamate was largely identified by its outlandish fashion sense, makeup and hairstyles. Spreading through dedicated online forums, the subculture’s name came from the Chinese transliteration for the word “smart” — “sha-ma-te.” Li spent two years collecting 915 first-hand video recordings from former shamate members, as well as conducting full-length interviews with 78 of them. According to the director, almost all shamate participants were second-generation migrant kids who were born in the ’90s and hailed from underserved villages and towns. In the documentary, one trend that emerges is that many of these young people were “left-behind children,” kids whose parents had taken jobs in major urban areas, leaving their offspring with grandparents at home in the village. Many talk of only seeing their parents on occasion, such as during the national Spring Festival holiday. Many of the interviewees also relay how they dropped out of school at a very early age and went to look for work themselves, often heading to manufacturing hubs on the basis of a vague lead or tip from a fellow villager. Once there, the young migrant workers found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and often in intense, exploitative working arrangements. In search of an outlet for pent-up tensions and a sense of belonging, they formed their own identity: shamate. Public parks and roller rinks near these manufacturing hubs quickly became shamate strongholds. Groups of young people would gather in tight T-shirts and low-waist jeans, sporting hairstyles with varying levels of flamboyant colors and electric curls sticking out at different angles. Looking like a mix of elements from US or European glam rock and visual kei from Japan, shamate style was intended to stand out — and it certainly did that. But this also made them a target for the mainstream.

I do get your point, and agree for the most part, but the question here is being part of a minority and being constantly attacked.
So before being able to establish a fruitful discussion it is necessary to acknowledge the existence of an asymmetry. Otherwise even rightful points would feel biased to the ones being unwelcomed. It’s an important part of human psychology too (as well of social justice).

Good read.
By the way it would be cool to have a starter sticky post in this sub, about anarchy 101 and food for thoughts on some major topics. Some of the materials you provided in other posts would fit that very well. We could also write short extracts for non-textual content, to make it easier to grasp. I would love to help do that if others find it useful.

If you read interviews of people from operation solidarity they talk about anarchists fighting there. And if you dig in GNIP you see photos and claims of small anar fighters units. I can’t give you more than that, trust it or not (but even people on lemmygrad are making fun of anarchists fighters in Ukraine seen on photos, so that must be true lol)

Consensus and group facilitation
Consensus is a decision-making process that removes hierarchy and ensures that no minority is dismissed or not heard in the final decision. Everyone must hear what others have to say. In this process, you not only make a decision, you also learn about the ideas, concerns and reservations of everyone involved. However, this is a longer process than just voting, and it can really slow down or stop the decision making. It works best in small gatherings and with people who know each other. For larger gatherings, other forms of group facilitation can be implemented before trying to reach consensus. This page seems to summarize a lot of things about it : https://neighborhoodanarchists.org/facilitation ​ ### Here's a bunch of questions for you : * In which situations do you find consensus least suitable ? * What are your tips, and best/worst experiences ? * How often do you use hand signals in assemblies ? Are there new signs replacing older ones ? * Good documentation anyone should read ? ​

I don’t like Zelenskiy but people saying Ukraine is responsible for this war, you have cognitive dissonance (big time).

I’m not there and I don’t know these people, so I’m not a primary source of information. I rely on websites of anarchist collectives contacting comrades in ukraine :

No offense but I think you have a bias, it seems common from people here who badmouth Ukraine all the time. Like, every time someone criticizes Putin, you read that as a praise for USA and war.
Ukrainians have a right to defend themselves as any invaded people has, and there are anarchists fighting on the field too. It’s not a problem to me although I hate war. Not everyone who tries to survive is a sock puppet of the USA.

anarchists here who think a USA sponsored war is a good idea

Where did you read that ? (and why is everything so binary when it comes to USA? They’re imperialists, so is Putin, fuck both.)

nice reading the last part of your comment. Growing a sense of community is a goal.

I’m rather new here but it’s also really annoying to read people posing as “communists” who just sound like cultists for China gov (or against Ukraine because USA bad). I mean you know there are actually communists that don’t fall for the CCP and USSR crap ? It’s really killing the conversation, there are so much interesting things to discuss about the legitimacy of political power and the pros and cons of state-sized infrastructures.

Also anarcho-communism does exist, so maybe “anarchism” is wider than the naive cliche some people use to attack us.

If the global neural network has https issues, mass spamming, phishing and scam letters, plus downvote brigading, I’m a little bit worried.

Sorry to hear that your coworkers are making your life a hell.
I hope you’ll find people you can rely on eventually to make it easier at the workplace, if not a better place with better people.

Better to get along with someone.

Yeah, being on your own is the worst when you feel (are) attacked.

a staff Christmas party. I’d rather be shot then go lol.

…and then being on your own becomes a shelter lol




Note bien ce nombre si tu veux utiliser ton bon de réduction plus tard.

♦ Maintenant retourne à la cuisine : https://imaginair.es/@hypertextes/108674441000481591

I agree that the accountability of western democracies is an illusion.

But you’re not answering the question at all regarding China, Cuba and Vietnam. Basically you are just saying : They’re accountable because they are.

Show us what actual political mechanism exist for the people to reclaim from the state when it’s not working as intended there.

Also entrepreneurship is a nice way of saying “compulsive gambler who borrows money”.
Most riches play with other people’s money, but only the more privileged can afford to lose some, which always happens at some point in business/finance.

I can see this, and answer it. Hope it helps your test.

People who visited different countries, what good organizational practices have you found in anarchists collectives that you lack ?
I'll start : some years ago I visited a city where anarchists were trying to solve conflicts between residents (squat building) by calling on outside people. These people were political allies, but they were not friends with the social circle involved in arguments, they were from another city, and they had trained themselves to psychology and this kind of situations. This was really impressive to me, that people were actually smart enough to try to solve their inner problems by calling on people who are not involved emotionaly and are competent in their field/skills.

There is a few bugs I want to report when I have time. The UX needs to be improved a little bit (especially for comments), but I’m already talking about Lemmy to people ! Especially to french speaking people. I’d like to see more francophones here to be able to speak french more often.

I’m trying to license under CC0 some parts of my novel, which is under CC BY-SA. Am I doing it right ?
As part of a project to create a library of libre literary artifacts and narrative schemes, I'm choosing to waive my rights over little parts of my CC BY-SA writings. To me it makes no sense to claim rights on inventions that may be too common to be strictly mine. But I want to open my inventions as libre culture, or libre lore. So inside the chapters of this novel I am writing, there are ideas of plots, names, objects, phenomena, specific stories of the characters, and I want these little parts of my work to be public domain, even though the whole writings will probably stay CC BY-SA. For instance, I wrote about a memory enhancement sleep chamber. Here is the form I created on Internet Archive : https://archive.org/details/caisson-de-sommeil-amplification-des-souvenirs-memory-enhancement-sleep-chamber/ Also : * Here the [Lemmy post (Libre Lore sub)](https://lemmy.ml/post/371340) about it. * [The original work from which it comes from](http://troisecoles.noblogs.org/) (it is in french language) ​ **Does it look OK to you, or are there confusing aspects ?**

Caisson de sommeil à amplification des souvenirs [Objet, technologie - SF - Domaine public] : : : : : Memory enhancement sleep chamber [Object, technology - SF - Public Domain]
# Caisson de sommeil à amplification des souvenirs. # [EN] Memory enhancement sleep chamber. ​ ------- [**FRANÇAIS**] (*english below*) ## Auteur : Wilem Ortiz ## Description : Un **caisson de sommeil à amplification des souvenirs** est un coffre matelassé dans lequel une personne peut s'allonger pour dormir. Équipé de capteurs physiologiques, et d'un dispositif neural externe (ne nécessitant pas d'implant dans le cerveau), le caisson est capable de réguler et d'agir sur le sommeil, ainsi que d'amplifier les souvenirs, permettant de les revivre plus intensément. ## Licence : [CC0 - Domaine public](https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) ​ ## Extrait de l’œuvre [FR] * **Auteur** : Wilem Ortiz * **Titre** : [Trois écoles](https://troisecoles.noblogs.org) (chapitre 1) * **Licence** : [CC BY-SA]( https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/) * **Sources** : [Internet Archive](https://archive.org/details/trois-ecoles-chapitre-1-wilem-ortiz) - [site web de l'auteur](https://troisecoles.noblogs.org) « Le caisson s'ouvre. Lentement il avale son propriétaire dans une douce lueur de lin familière qui peut effacer les regrets. O.G. s'équipe des capteurs cousus dans des manches en tissu léger comme la plume. Il s'allonge sur le dos, les bras le long du ventre, dans cette position optimale où les organes ne sont pas compressés par le poids du corps. Avant de se laisser aller aux artifices programmables il se force à réguler sa respiration, les yeux fermés, inspirant et expirant calmement à intervalles de cinq secondes, qu’il compte dans sa tête, plusieurs fois de suite. Quand ses pensées se sont un peu détachées, il hésite d’abord à enclencher le dispositif d’amplification des souvenirs, mais cède finalement et se retrouve bientôt en plein jour au bout d'un chemin de terre qui s'arrête à la lisière du champ auquel il tourne le dos. » ​ ## Archive : https://archive.org/details/caisson-de-sommeil-amplification-des-souvenirs-memory-enhancement-sleep-chamber ​ ------ [**ENGLISH**] ## Author : Wilem Ortiz ## Description : A **memory enhancement sleep chamber** is a padded box in which a person can lie down and sleep. Equipped with physiological sensors, and an external neural device (not requiring an implant in the brain), the chamber is able to regulate and act on sleep, as well as amplify memories, allowing them to be relived more intensely. ​ ## Sources [FR] : * **Author** : Wilem Ortiz * **Title** : Trois écoles (chapter 1) * **Licence libre** : CC BY-SA * **Sources** : [Internet Archive](https://archive.org/details/trois-ecoles-chapitre-1-wilem-ortiz) - [Author's website](https://troisecoles.noblogs.org) ## License : [CC0 - Public Domain](https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) ## Archive : https://archive.org/details/caisson-de-sommeil-amplification-des-souvenirs-memory-enhancement-sleep-chamber ​

Orbe symbiotique [Objet, phénomène - SF - Domaine public] : : : : : Symbiotic Orb [Object, phenomena - SF - Public Domain]
# Orbe symbiotique # [EN] Symbiotic Orb ​ ------- [**FRANÇAIS**] (*english below*) ## Auteur : Wilem Ortiz ## Description : **L'orbe symbiotique** est une sorte d'œuf tombé de l'espace qui contient une unique créature extraterrestre. La composition organique inconnue de l'orbe lui permet de résister à des conditions extrêmes dans l'espace ou l'atmosphère, mais le corps qu'elle contient n'est d'abord qu'une structure décharnée. Lorsque l'enveloppe de l'orbe entre en contact avec notre atmosphère, une chaîne de réactions chimiques provoque l'agglomération de matière sur la structure humanoïde, pendant plusieurs jours. À la fin du processus, dans l'œuf qui a comme fondu, le corps humanoïde doit percer ce qui reste de la membrane de l'orbe, et se lever pour apprendre à marcher. Les créatures humanoïdes sorties des premières orbes symbiotiques sont très grossièrement constituée à notre image, et leurs visages pourvus de deux yeux et d'une bouche n'a pas de particularités qui permettent de les différencier. Ces créatures auraient été conçues pour tenter de nous approcher et nous observer. ## Licence : [CC0 - Domaine public](https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/) ​ ## Extrait [FR] * **Auteur** : Wilem Ortiz * **Licence** : [CC0 - Domaine public](https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/) « Lorsque la première orbe symbiotique se posa sur notre sol, le ciel de demi-lune était déjà obscur au-dessus des mélèzes. C’est une chouette dans son houppier qui vit lentement "couler" le premier œuf. Depuis les hauteurs du ciel l'orbe ne tombait pas, elle sombrait, doucement, comme lâchée dans un océan. La partie supérieure du corps en chute molle s'était gonflée, ballonnée au contact de notre atmosphère. Ni la clarté lunaire ni les rétines animales ne permettaient d'apprécier les reflets rosés de cette méduse à parachute, qui descendait en suivant une ligne verticale invisible. Au surplomb rocheux tapissé de mousses, petite aire bordée de forêt épaisse que la chouette surveille toutes les nuits, il est dangereux de s'approcher trop près du vide. C'est sur cet emplacement étroit que la toute première orbe s’écrasa. Il y eut un bruit de membrane qui se détend. Le premier œuf placé par le hasard, resta ensuite de longues heures, immobile, au bord du précipice. Ce que l'on sait du processus est un recueil imprécis de théories. La structure anatomique contenue à l'intérieur de l'orbe s'agglomérerait sous son enveloppe. Des réactions chimiques en cascade, déclenchées au contact des éléments de notre atmosphère, diazote et oxygène, activeraient la construction moléculaire permettant au squelette de développer son corps trop fragile pour résister aux conditions extrêmes du voyage. Après quelques jours d'incubation, la masse ovoïde externe complètement dissoute laisserait s'échapper le corps doté de deux jambes, deux bras, et d'une tête binoculaire. » ​ ## Archive : https://archive.org/details/orbe-symbiotique-symbiotic-orb ​ ------ [**ENGLISH**] ## Author : Wilem Ortiz ## Description : **A symbiotic orb** is some kind of egg that has fallen from space containing a single alien creature. The unknown organic composition of the orb allows it to withstand extreme conditions in space or the atmosphere, but the body it contains within is only a gaunt structure at first. When the orb's envelope comes into contact with our atmosphere, a chain of chemical reactions causes matter to clump together on the humanoid structure, but it takes several days. At the end of this process the egg that has seemingly melted, and the humanoid body must break through what remains of the orb's membrane, to stand up and learn to walk. The humanoid creatures which came out of the first symbiotic orbs are very roughly constituted in our image, but their faces provided with two eyes and a mouth have no particularities which could allow to differentiate them. These creatures would have been conceived to try to approach us and to observe us. ## License : [CC0 - Public Domain](https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/) ​ ## Archive : https://archive.org/details/orbe-symbiotique-symbiotic-orb ​

How do you call a community “sub” in Lemmy ?
As opposed to a "subreddit" ? Do people just say community? It seems a little vague to me, and I'm new here.

[EN] **Libre Lore account on Internet Archive** : https://archive.org/details/@libre_lore This account will be used to keep track of publications and licenses here, or to upload works of people who don't have an archive.org account. And to get things started, some content will be posted here this week-end. ------ [FR] **Compte Libre Lore sur Internet Archive** : https://archive.org/details/@libre_lore Compte qui servira à tenir une archive fiable des contenus libres postés ici. Il pourra également servir à héberger directement les contenus des personnes qui n'ont pas de compte archive.org Je posterai les premiers contenus pour lancer le projet ce week-end.

List of good point and click games (to play on low performance PC) ?
I'm looking for point and click games that can run on old laptops. I've finished every Monkey Island game, Beneath a steel sky, and I'm looking for other games like these. Can you recommend any ?

[EN] How to list open content here : : : : : [FR] Comment poster du contenu libre ici
[FR] (**English below**) Vous êtes l'auteur⋅ice d'une idée, invention, objet, phénomène, histoire de personnage, synopsis etc. que vous avez écrit ou décrit ? ​ ### Pour poster ici: * Vérifier en premier lieu la licence libre utilisée : [CC BY-SA](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/) ou [Art libre](https://artlibre.org/licence/lal), [Domaine Public (CC0)](https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/). Les licences CC plus restrictives comme ND et NC **ne sont pas acceptés**. **Pourquoi ?** *Non Derivé* et *Non Commercial* sont des clauses qui empêchent la libre adaptation et circulation d'œuvres dérivées ou adaptées des artefacts littéraires recensés ici. *Non Commercial* est une close juridique beaucoup trop vague qui pourrait par exemple empêcher la distribution d'un court-métrage ou d'autres adaptations qui dépendent de transactions monétaires pour leur diffusion (même sans but lucratif). ​ * Pour un archivage fiable et solide, déposer un document de vos écrits sur archive.org (Si vous n'avez pas de compte ou ne pouvez pas en créer un, le [compte Libre Lore](https://archive.org/details/@libre_lore) peut servir à cet archivage sur demande.) ​ ### Utilisez ce modèle de post : ​ #### \- En titre ​ Nom de l'invention [**Nature de l'invention** - **Genre littéraire** - **License libre utilisée**] ​ #### \- En message du post ​ \------------------------------------------------------------ \## **Auteur, autrice** : Nom de l'auteur⋅ice \## **Description** : Description précise de votre invention. \## **LICENCE** : \[Licence utilisée libre utilisée] ​ \## **EXTRAIT** [Langue utilisée] \* **Auteur, autrice** : Nom de l'auteur⋅ice \* **Année** : Année en cours ou année de première publication \* **Titre** : Titre de l'œuvre dont votre invention est extraite + [**licence de l'œuvre complète si elle diffère**, exemple: CC BY-SA] « Insérez entre guillemets le contenu de vos écrits qui fait référence à l'objet de votre post » ​ \## **ARCHIVE** : url de l'archive sur archive.org \------------------------------------------------------------ ​ -------- ​ [EN] To be translated

Your take on the attribution license
I'm an aspiring author, building a novel under CC BY-SA (it's in french). My wish is to make it some kind of framework for others to be allowed to build more stories, or modify mine and redistribute freely, even commercially. I don't plan on making a living from it, there's no way it could happen (although being paid should not be incompatible with free licenses, but that's another discussion). The thing is, when I think about the attribution part of the license I'm choosing, I often think it's too restrictive and should be public domain instead, if my work is really meant to be an open narrative framework. What are your takes on the attribution license, regarding free licenses for cultural content, especially written content ? *(I'm french so if there are any french speaking people around here, feel free to answer in another language than english)*

NE PAS LIRE LES COMMENTAIRES DON’T READ THE COMMENTS Jeu en cours de conception … Textes pas relus ni corrigés, manque certaines parties, pas de liens valides, pas jouable en l’état

Is there a 100% reliable way of linking to a single comment? The GUI links behave in unexpected ways
Hi, I need to be able to open a single comment on top of the window, like a permalink (I'm creating a hypertext game on lemmy), but the two link methods available in the GUI doesn't behave like they should. * The first "link" button doesn't act like a permalink at all when there are nested comments above it, I don't know why (on Firefox 91.10.0es), but sometimes it just shows some nested comments above instead of the actual comment itself * The second "link" button just end on a 404 page. How is this one supposed to work ? So I was wondering if there is another way of displaying only a single comment by its id, but looking at the HTML dom it doesn't seem like comments have unique ids ? Hope someone can answer :) ----- **Edit** : I checked in another browser, still the same issue. Also this problem is happening with non-nested comments too, the first link to a comment is not reliable and shows random content on the page, but this seems to be happening only when the comments count begins to be high under a post (more than twenty or so? cannot say exactly)

[BROUILLON] Une civilisation dont vous êtes la pantoufle
NE PAS LIRE LES COMMENTAIRES DON'T READ THE COMMENTS ------ Jeu en cours de conception ... Textes pas relus ni corrigés, manque certaines parties, pas de liens valides, pas jouable en l'état