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Infografía: impactos de la pandemia de COVID-19

Compartimos una serie de infografías sobre los impactos de la pandemia en la estructura productiva y en el empleo en distintos países de América, Europa y Oceanía…

Argentina pidió parar las negociaciones de TLC en el Mercosur, lo que generó gran revuelo político y mediático. ¿Ruptura?..

Thanks, great tool and is even available to install in Arch.

Technical documentation often looks and feels intimdating. Dash Dash takes the Unix (Linux, BSD, macOS) open source manual pages and sets the content in a beautiful set of typefaces while adding just a bit of animation and design. We hope this resource helps designers and non-technical folks appreci…

More efficient movements editing python files in vim - Stack Overflow

Square Bracket Mappings [[, ]], [m, ]m and similar $VIMRUNTIME/ftplugin/python.vim now (2018) remaps all builtin mappings documented under :h ]] and :h ]m for the python language. The mappings are:…

The Changing Surface of Fading Betelgeuse

Do you think it may blow up in our lifetime?..

Arch Linux on my main machine, Ubuntu on work notebook

Chromium error after upgrade fixed

Today after a full upgrade and reboot Chromium didn’t work. It stared but showed only errors, running it from the console I was able to see that it could not allocate memory. I had plenty of RAM so after a long search for the cause it turned out to be some bad configuration file in /etc/security/lim…