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  • The fact that much of the project is discussed over Discord should be damning enough…

    Don’t you think is damning that someone’s concern of privacy is handwaved because the data was “volunteered, not collected” ?

    And, as a user, many of the AI features are limited at best and factually incorrect at worst. I would only salvage FastGPT and Quick Answer; they summarize the first 4 or 5 relevant links and contrasting views (even if it bases the whole search on a single Reddit comment from 2017).

    Funnily enough the Universal Summarizer and Discuss Docs are the least reliable.

    All in all, I am conflicted because it seemed like a pristine service and it’s getting clouded with time.

  • Hey there, happy 30 !!!

    For context, I’m on the other side of the scale: barely 25 and a skeletal build that only sweet, sweet depression can give you. Truly hoping that soon enough we’ll accurately recreate this meme 🤝

    As I feel quite anxious going to a gym, not many pointers on that direction. For doing something at home… can you do squats?

    I bought a kit of stretch bands (Amazon 🇧🇷 link) to start building some resistance both for legs and arms. It included a little booklet of what exercises you could do with each item. As a starter, I cycle between any 4 of them, doing 10 reps each time.

    I find it natural that only oneself (let it be weight, resistance, etc.) can be used as their own measure; please assess and adapt this to you.

    Rather than a how-to input, I’d like to address why do it? And not just once but consistently (?!). Because at times, doing it just for the sake of it dries up the motivation. So, what fun goals do you want to achieve with movement?

    In my case, these are the ultimate goals fill me with determination (and goblin energy):

    Mainly, not only be done with the exercise sessions, but reap the benefits of that strength and flexibility in your day-to-day life.

    Be feral.

    Congrats on the beard, too! :)